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Outsource the management of your Human Resources and Recruitments to a HRD in Timeshare or in Interim Management in Pays-de-la-Loire.

Your timeshare HR director in Loire Atlantique

Your business is growing and you need within your structure a HRD or a HR expert, part-time, one-off or regular.

You wish to delegate or outsource the management of your Human Resources s to a HRD ( Human Resources Director ) or RRH ( Human resources manager ) experienced, part-time, and close to you.

Boost’RH Group can provide you with a HR consultant ( HRD , RRH , Payroll and personnel administration manager …) In timeshare. He will advise you and manage your Human ressources , in order to bring you security and serenity (see our HRD services in timeshare ).

The missions entrusted to this HR consultant can be one-off, to carry out a HR audit , set up your Social and Economic Committee (CSE) , your Skills development plan , your professional interviews, or your Single Professional Risk Assessment Document …).

But these HR missions can also be recurring to manage payroll, staff administration or meet employee expectations.

Our HR consultant can also build a Human Resources policy to develop the skills of your employees and increase the company’s know-how. Finally, through various actions, we can contribute to the motivation and development of your employees in their workplace.

Former HRDs and specialists in the professions of the HR function since 2007, from many clients trust us, from very small businesses to large international groups. So you too, have a HRD in timeshare and ask us for a quote !

Your HR recruitment firm in the 44

Your business is growing and you need to strengthen your teams and recruit news HR skills . But maybe just replace an absence or leaving the company.

Boost’RH Group can also assist you in your recruitments and headhunts through its recruiting firm . (see our recruitment services )

But what is the difference between recruiting and headhunting?

The recruitment firm will seek out talents in search of employment (new job, change of job, development, challenge…). While the head hunt, will offer your position to be filled with talent in position, not being particularly attentive to the market. It will therefore be necessary to demonstrate arguments to convince the employee to become a candidate and to evolve with you. It’s our daily job, but we need you to find the right arguments without misleading the candidate.

Sometimes you may just need a recruiting service. Other times, when the job market is tight, your recruiting turns into a headhunt. The more attractive your business, the faster you will recruit, but above all you will build loyalty. On this subject, discover our article on employer brand .

Whether it’s recruitment or the head hunting , Boost’RH Groupe will take care of the entire recruitment process (see our video on the page our recruitment services ).

We will present to you candidates responding to technical or managerial skills required by the post (hard skills) , but also behavioral skills (soft skills) desired. All this with a strong integration capacity to the company’s operating rules to increase employee loyalty.

But maybe you just need one partial recruitment support . Simply from sourcing of candidates , a Job Description or the preparation of a recruitment announcement , the CV sorting according to your criteria, a reference check , the conducting the recruitment interview , the handover of psychotechnical test s or a graphology .

This is why Boost’RH Groupe offers you a à la carte recruitment according to your needs and adapted to your budget.

You have a need, so let’s share it and together find the candidate you need. Ask us a quote !

Your HR transition management firm in Pays-de-la-Loire

Your HR talents may be optimized and you need to have to resort to additional skills to carry out large HR projects or to replace your own resources.

In this case, you will have to appeal to a experienced HR consultant , full-time or part-time over a period to be defined. This HR consultant will thus be able to strengthen your HR team.

Specialist in the HR function, Boost’RH Groupe will be able, after defining your needs, to provide you with an operational and experienced HR consultant, in HR transition management . Depending on your problem, it will be: Human Resources Director, Social Affairs Director, Human Resources Manager, Payroll and Personnel Administration Manager, Recruitment Manager, Training Manager, HR Manager …).

Also, our rates will depend on the complexity of the assignment and the skills and experience required with the HR consultant.

Do you have a one-off Human Resources need? Contact us and ask us for a quote !

To know + discover our page dedicated to HR transition management

Why a presence of HRD in Pays-de-la-Loire?

Through its economic dynamism, the region of Pays de la Loire appears as a region of the future in France. Its metropolis Nantes , has seen the birth and development of very fine industries.

To maintain its competitiveness, Nantes is leading numerous economic changes. Turning more and more towards new technologies, it accommodates many very innovative industrial activities. Many, moreover, are the economic actors who have chosen Nantes to develop regionally, nationally and even internationally.

The city of Nantes also offers many attractions in terms of quality of life and family life, an undeniable asset for recruiting young talents and retaining them with customers. A group of HRD is strongly represented within the ANDRH ( National Association of Human Resources Directors ) local and thus allows very useful exchanges between Human Resources professionals .

It is for all these reasons that Boost’RH Group has decided to set up in Nantes, as close as possible to its customers. A homecoming because its manager Philippe CAQUET has been HRD for 10 years in Nantes in the micro-electronics industry with the Swedish giant Perstorp and within the Lagardère group in the company Matra MHS / Atmel.

We will be happy to welcome you to our premises located in the heart of Euronantes, the new European business district of the city, in the immediate vicinity of the Nantes station and the Cité des Congrès.

Findour other locations here and discover all our others HR services

Our address in Nantes:

Boost’RH Nantes

SKYLINE building

22, Mail Pablo Picasso

44000 Nantes

To reach us by phone, we invite you to dial our central number on

+ 33 (0)1 42 70 97 20

orcontact us by email


We work in HR in Pays-de-la-Loire and in Loire-Atlantique (44) in the cities of:

Nantes, Saint-Herblain, Saint-Nazaire, Reze, Carquefou, Orvault, Vertou, La Chapelle-sur-Erdre, Bouguenais, Saint-Sebastien-sur-Loire, Coueron, Guerande, Sainte-Luce-sur-Loire, Chateaubriant, Ancenis , La Baule-Escoublac, Pornic, Montoir-de-Bretagne, Pontchateau, Les Sorinieres, Treillieres, Saint-Brevin-les-Pins, Trignac, Vallet, Saint-Philbert-de-Grand-Lieu, Clisson, Machecoul, Basse-Goulaine , Blain, Pornichet, Thouare-sur-Loire, Donges, Saint-Aignan-Grandlieu, Nort-sur-Erdre, Saint-Julien-de-Concelles, Le Loroux-Bottereau, Vigneux-de-Bretagne, Sautron, Bouaye, Savenay or more generally throughout the Loire-Atlantique department (44)


But also in HR in Maine-et-Loire (49) in the cities of:

Angers, Cholet, Saumur, Saint-Barthelemy-d’Anjou, Beaucouze, Trelaze, Avrille, Les Ponts-de-Ce, Doue-la-Fontaine, Chemille, Beaupreau, Saint-Sylvain-d’Anjou, Segre, Saint-Macaire -en-Mauges, Longue-Jumelles, La Seguiniere, Ecouflant, Chalonnes-sur-Loire, Beaufort-en-Vallee, Montreuil-Juigne, Sainte-Gemmes-sur-Loire, Saint-Pierre-Montlimart, La Pommeraye, Bouchemaine, Bauge , Montreuil-Bellay, Murs-Erigne, Tierce, Maulevrier, Durtal, Vihiers, Brissac-Quince, Seiches-sur-le-Loir, Le Lion-d’Angers, Pouance, Chateauneuf-sur-Sarthe, Jallais, Saint-Georges- sur-Loire, Saint-Florent-le-Vieil, Le May-sur-Evre or more generally in the whole of the department of Maine-et-Loire (49)

But also in HR in the department of Mayenne (53) in the cities of:

Laval, Mayenne, Chateau-Gontier, Change, Saint-Berthevin, Bonchamp-les-Laval, Evron, Craon, Ernee, Gorron, Aze, Louverne, Villaines-la-Juhel, Meslay-du-Maine, Cosse-le-Vivien, L’Huisserie, Ambrieres-les-Vallees, Loiron, Renaze, Montsurs, Lassay-les-Chateaux, Port-Brillet, Pre-en-Pail, Javron-les-Chapelles, Argentre, Saint-Pierre-la-Cour, Saint- Fort, Entrammes, Andouille, Bais, Le Genest-Saint-Isle, Martigne-sur-Mayenne, Saint-Ouen-des-Toits, Le Bourgneuf-la-Foret, Aron, Quelaines-Saint-Gault, Fougerolles-du-Plessis, Pontmain, Saint-Denis-de-Gastines, Chailland or more generally throughout the department of Mayenne (53)

But also in Human Resources in the department of Sarthe (72) in the cities of:

Le Mans, La Fleche, Sable-sur-Sarthe, La Ferte-Bernard, Allonnes, Arnage, Change, Coulaines, La Chapelle-Saint-Aubin, Mamers, Champagne, Chateau-du-Loir, Mulsanne, Saint-Saturnin, Saint- Calais, Ecommoy, Yvre-l’Eveque, Ruaudin, Parigne-l’Eveque, La Suze-sur-Sarthe, Le Lude, Savigne-l’Eveque, Montfort-le-Gesnois, Bonnetable, La Bazoge, Spay, Vibraye, Monce -en-Belin, Cherre, Sarge-les-le-Mans, Connerre, Sille-le-Guillaume, Arconnay, Loue, Solesmes, Saint-Pavace, Marolles-les-Braults, Cerans-Foulletourte, Bouloire, Teloche or more generally in the whole of the Sarthe department (72)

But also in Human Resources in the Deux-Sèvres department (79) in the cities of:

Niort, Bressuire, Parthenay, Thouars, Chauray, Mauleon, La Creche, Saint-Maixent-l’Ecole, Cerizay, Nueil-les-Aubiers, Moncoutant, Melle, Airvault, Echire, Aiffres, Celles-sur-Belle, Chatillon-sur -Thouet, Bessines, Coulonges-sur-l’Autize, Frontenay-Rohan-Rohan, Vouille, Prahecq, Saint-Varent, Mauze-sur-le-Mignon, Magne, Louzy, Secondigny, Courlay, Chef-Boutonne, Champdeniers-Saint -Denis, Azay-le-Brule, La Foret-sur-Sevre, Brioux-sur-Boutonne, Lezay, La Mothe-Saint-Heray, La Chapelle-Saint-Laurent, Sainte-Verge, Mauze-Thouarsais, Pompaire, Pamproux or more generally in the whole of the Deux-Sèvres department (79)

But also in Human Resources in the Vendée department (85) in the towns of:

La Roche-sur-Yon, Challans, Les Herbiers, Fontenay-le-Comte, Olonne-sur-Mer, Chateau-d’Olonne, Lucon, Les Sables-d’Olonne, Chantonnay, Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie , Aizenay, Le Poire-sur-Vie, Pouzauges, Mortagne-sur-Sevre, Saint-Jean-de-Monts, Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez, Les Essarts, Montaigu, Mouilleron-le-Captif, Talmont-Saint-Hilaire , Belleville-sur-Vie, La Mothe-Achard, Saint-Hilaire-de-Loulay, La Ferriere, Saint-Georges-de-Montaigu, Bouffere, Venansault, L’Ile-d’Yeu, Saint-Fulgent, La Chaize- le-Vicomte, Dompierre-sur-Yon, Sainte-Hermine, Noirmoutier-en-l’Ile, La Verrie, La Chataigneraie, La Garnache, Saint-Laurent-sur-Sevre, Soullans, Beauvoir-sur-Mer, Coex or more generally throughout the Vendée department (85)

But also in Human Resources in the Vienne department (86) in the cities of:

Poitiers, Chatellerault, Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, Loudun, Saint-Benoit, Montmorillon, Buxerolles, Migne-Auxances, Jaunay-Clan, Naintre, Chauvigny, Neuville-de-Poitou, Vouneuil-sous-Biard, Vivonne, Mignaloux-Beauvoir, Saint-Georges-les-Baillargeaux, Civray, Fontaine-le-Comte, Vouille, Lusignan, Dissay, Lussac-les-Chateaux, Dange-Saint-Romain, Liguge, Biard, Mirebeau, Saint-Julien-l’Ars, Montamise, Cisse, Ingrandes, Lencloitre, Iteuil, Couhe, Vendeuvre-du-Poitou, Smarves, Nouaille-Maupertuis, Valdivienne, Thure, Gencay, Nieuil-l’Espoir or more generally in the whole of the department of Vienne (86)


Des conseils et une optimisation de vos RH en temps partagé
Des conseils et une optimisation de vos RH en temps partagé
Un Recrutement de qualité par un Professionnel RH
Un Recrutement de qualité par un Professionnel RH
Une Expertise RH ponctuelle en Management de transition
Une Expertise RH ponctuelle en Management de transition
Une sécurisation de vos obligations par un DRH de proximité
Une sécurisation de vos obligations par un DRH de proximité

Examples of missions

Missions carried out by our time-sharing HRDs, Recruiters and HR Transition Managers

They illustrate our areas of intervention. Of course these few missions are far from being exhaustive.

Boost'RH Groupe provides the HR function for the French subsidiary of an International Group

The client’s problem:

A subsidiary of 20 employees of an International Group was looking for a HRD in timeshare fluent in English and familiar with the operation of Large Groups to manage its staff and meet its legal obligations.

The service provided:

After having defined the need, having proposed a mode of intervention in timeshare, and validated the consultant who would intervene, the mission of the HRD in timeshare was launched at the rate of 6 half-days.

The missions of HRD in timeshare consist in reassuring the Chief Executive Officer of his legal obligations, meeting the expectations of managers and employees (training needs, CSE management, recruitment and integration, legal monitoring, etc.). This HR consultant also manages relations with the Group HR Director in London.

The benefit for the customer:

Serenity in his legal obligations for which he is responsible for the subsidiary, comfort in relations with the Group HRD, saving of time devoted to the development of the subsidiary, satisfaction of employees whose needs are managed.


Our timeshare RRH supports the development of a consulting firm

The client’s problem:

A consulting firm specializing in high technology, was experiencing significant progress. To the 50th employee, the DAF asked to be accompanied by a Human Resources Professional .

The service provided:

After having defined the expectations of the Management, in monitoring and management of Human Resources, Boost’RH Groupe has delegated to its client a Timeshare Human Resources Manager .

This Timeshare RRH will advise CODIR members but also managers. In parallel with this advisory mission, the RRH in time Shared will take charge of the HR operational management of employees.

The benefit for the customer:

The social climate and the social relations with the CSE are improving, the heads of department are supported in their management, the management is advised, recruitment and integration are structured, the skills development plan and professional interviews are put in place.

Employees are satisfied and employee turnover is decreasing, stabilizing the teams in place.


Boost'RH replaces the resigned RRH

The client’s problem:

Industrial company with 50 employees, including Human resources manager resigns. Instead of replacing it post for post, the Company Manager is looking for a HRD in timeshare in order to gain skills and save money.

The service provided:

From the description of the issues, and missions to be carried out in Human Resources , Boost’RH Groupe presents an HR Consultant capable of responding to the new skills requested by the client, but also to the DNA of the company.

This HRD in timeshare will replace the RRH resigned on his operational missions and will support the Manager on strategic issues. The integration of HRD in timeshare is all the more simple, since he has no hierarchical link with anyone and is an external HR Consultant.

The benefit for the customer:

The gain of strategic HR support and the resumption of the missions of its HRR. Employee satisfaction, and support for managers in complete confidentiality. Savings made.


Recruitment of a HR Director in a growing company

The client’s problem:

A family business with 600 employees is developing in new areas. To support employees in this transformation, it needs to develop its Human Resources Department . His Current HRD is too traditional while the Management is looking for social innovation .

The service provided:

Our HRD in charge of Recruitment discussion with the Chief Executive Officer on the objectives set for the future HRD and on its expected functioning. An exchange of ideas makes it possible to define the profile of the next HRD as well as the organization of the future HR Department .

Having a clear idea of the profile to be recruited, we communicated confidentially in our HR network our need and within a few days we were able to present three different candidates meeting the client’s needs. We also helped the Managing Director to make his difficult choice among the candidates.

The benefit for the customer:

Through our discussion, we clarified the client’s needs and reassured them in the vision of their future HR organization . Quickly he was able to materialize with the HRD which corresponded to the evolution of the company. He was satisfied with our approach and the service provided.

Recrutement RH

Recruitment of a Payroll Manager for a HRD

The client’s problem:

A healthcare establishment with 1,800 employees spread over several sites and facing a resignation, is seeking its Payroll manager . The HRD not wishing to be judge and party, appealed to the Recruitment firm of Boost’RH Groupe specialized in Human Resources jobs .

The service provided:

Boost’RH group defines the outline of the workstation, the interrelationships, within the Human Resources Department , within the company, and in external relations. It is also evoked the DNA and the mode of operation of the health establishment and the HRD management style .

After this decisive step for the search for the right candidate, the sourcing was carried out on several axes including within our HR community .

We were quickly able to select candidates, and retain four, with different profiles to present to our client. She quickly made her choice.

The benefit for the customer:

Saving time when our client was in a hurry, wishing a passage of instructions on one to two pays, securing the recruitment process without interference, and presentation at the same time to all the HR team (including at the Human resources director ).

Recrutement d'un DRH

The need for a transitional HRD for the creation of a new industrial site

The client’s problem:

Wishing to respond to growth issues, the France Department of a fine international company recognized in the healthcare world, is creating a new strategic site in the Center of France. This site initially comprising 20 people will welcome 200 within 18 months. The customer is looking for a HR Director in Interim Management to manage this rise in power, on a one-off mission.

The service provided:

Boost’rh Groupe makes available to the customer for one year, a HRD experienced in Interim Management , knowing the client’s professional sector and having experience of international groups, 3 then quickly 5 days a week. This International HRD will manage recruitment and integration employees but also HR questions daily related to this growth. He will create the HR function before handing over to a HRD hired on a permanent contract.

The benefit for the customer:

Benefit of having a International HR Director in Interim Management corresponding perfectly to the need, within two weeks, autonomous, flexible, without having to count it in the workforce.


Manager de transition RH

A transition manager for the migration of a payroll system

The client’s problem:

The HR department of an industrial company belonging to a German Group wishes, in a context of significant workload, to change payroll system . Not having the migration skills internally, it seeks to delegate this migration externally by a service in HR transition management .

The service provided:

Boost’RH Groupe delegates to its client for 8 months a Payroll migration project manager in transition management . This consultant has a strong payroll expertise and previous operational experience of Payroll and Personnel Administration Manager .

The benefit for the customer:

Despite the heavy workload, the HR department was able to respond to the Group’s request, standardize its payroll system . This in good conditions without weighing down the daily life of its teams.


Management de transition en Ressources Humaines

Customer testimonials


Questions answers

How will my timeshare HR manager be chosen?

After studying together, your needs and expectations of a HRD in Shared Time present in your premises, we will present you with a service proposal that meets your needs.

After your agreement, we will introduce you to accompany you on the management of your Human Wealth , your Human Resources Professional . This is chosen according to your geolocation, your activity, your corporate culture and your management style.

This HR in timeshare will intervene regularly within your company and you will be, as well as your managers, his privileged interlocutor.

Our team of HR in timeshare is at your disposal to bring you the expected solutions in Human ressources .

What is your billing method for the provision of a Timeshare HRD?

You have a Human Resources need , you are aware of its importance but your budget is constrained.

Also, to meet your expectations, we have developed several types of invoicing:

  • For a one-off need or a HR mission clearly identified, we offer you invoicing corresponding to the time spent according to the hourly rate of the HR consultant intervening.
  • For a recurring mission of a few days per month, we define together the frequency of intervention and the number of days required. Your invoicing will be monthly and will correspond to the price of the days of intervention.
  • For a subscription over the year, we offer our Boost’line formula of 10 or 20 hours, renewed by tacit agreement.

Are you really specialized in all HR functions?

We are all old HR passionate about Human Resources , from the search for the right profile to employee development. Specialized in recruitment for the Human Resources function, we are fully aware of the different HR jobs (International HRD, France HRD, RRH, Payroll Manager, Development Manager, Recruitment Manager, Social Affairs Director, Labor Lawyer, Payroll Manager, HR Assistant, etc.) and work on the evolution of the function in reflection workshops with members of theANDRH .

How do you source on HR profiles?

For many years we have belonged to the HR community , we regularly communicate on our social networks HR developments , we reflect on the evolution of the function and certain trades in competition with Artificial Intelligence and frequent numerous HRDs within the framework of the National Association of HRDs . Many Human Resources candidates , visit our site job offers reserved for HR .

All these interactions allow us to quickly find the candidate on the national territory.

Do you work in success?

No, we want to create a real partnership and a strong reciprocal commitment between you and our firm. Indeed, we want to respond quickly to your needs and present you the Human Resources candidates in perfect harmony with the position, your requirements and your expectations. This can only be done exclusively.

We do not count the energy we deploy to satisfy you, and want to be remunerated in return.

Do you offer Interim Management services only in Human Resources?

Yes, we are indeed one firm specializing in Human Resources and our Transition managers only have a vocation Human ressources (International HR Director, HR Director, Payroll Manager, HR Development Director, Recruitment Manager, HR Business Partner, Labor Lawyer, Labor Relations Director, Payroll Manager and Personnel Administration, Assistant HR … )

Can you meet all HR needs?

We know more than a hundred Transition managers in HR functions , and when we cannot offer you the skills required in your region, we launch a two-week recruitment.

Our will is to delegate the HR skills you need in your region . Some of our HR transition managers are also mobile throughout France.

Découvrez nos autres prestations en Ressources Humaines
Découvrez nos autres prestations en Ressources Humaines
Choisissez votre DRH en Temps partagé
Choisissez votre DRH en Temps partagé
et contactez le
et contactez le
01 42 70 97 20
01 42 70 97 20
Consultez nos actualités sur les Ressources Humaines
Consultez nos actualités sur les Ressources Humaines

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