HR sourcing of candidates

Direct approach and Recruitment of candidates specialized in HR

When to call on HR sourcing?

When you need to recruit but don’t have time to search for the right profile, or your recruiting budget does not allow you to delegate your need to a traditional recruiting firm.

HR Sourcing is then your solution, quality but less expensive, because the HR Sourcing service is limited to presenting you selected HR candidates corresponding to the technical skills you are looking for.

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Our methodology in finding candidates or HR sourcing

Faced with the shortage of candidates in certain branches of activity, Boost’RH Groupe quickly looked into the help that Artificial Intelligence could provide.

It is not a question of finding the right candidate available but of chasing the future candidate who does not yet know that he will change employer .

In this new war for talent, we have moved from recruiting to headhunting . But the position and the company still have to be attractive (see our article on Employer brand ).

How do you source candidates?

Also, from the definition of your need, we suggest you carry out your sourcing within our various research channels (Artificial Intelligence, CV databases, Social networks, professional clubs, Outplacement firm, Network of HRDs … ) and present you with the candidates you wish to recruit. After a telephone qualification on availability, mobility and the interest that candidates for the position may have, we validate this selection and send it to you.

What remains for you to do?

Upon receipt of the applications, all you have to do is get in touch with the selected candidates, and meet them in recruitment interview to judge their ability to join your company.

Please note that Sourcing is only one phase of recruitment . While we select candidates for you based on technical skills criteria, we cannot verify in this offer, the candidate’s know-how, and the adequacy between the culture of the company or the management style of the line manager, and the candidate. This remains your responsibility.

The contributions of the recruitment firm of Boost'RH Groupe

Boost’RH Groupe differs from a traditional recruitment agency , by offering you an à la carte recruitment service.

A tailor-made recruitment offer

Boost’RH Groupe wishes to support you in your recruitments with à la carte services complementary to Recruitment Sourcing:

Personality tests

To validate or decide between certain candidates, it is sometimes useful to use personality tests. Only work psychologists authorized to administer these tests can administer and interpret them. We suggest that you have these tests passed by our psychologists, and give them back to you enriched with our comments.


Graphology is a profession requiring many years of practice, but which can reveal characteristics of the candidates, not perceived during the interviews. Our graphologists will be happy to analyze the handwriting and personality of the candidates you entrust to us.

The reference check

It is often useful to conduct a baseline check before hiring employees. It takes time and a neutral approach. Our research officers can assist you in this process.

Integration and integration coaching

We are Human Resources professionals, very sensitive to the integration of new hires, and their acceptance by the team in place. We can also provide integration advice to your managers and new employees. Our HRDs will thus participate in the success of your recruitments.

Full service recruitment for Human Resources functions

We can also assist you with a complete recruitment service for all Human Resources functions, from International HRD through the Human Resources Manager , the Payroll Manager , the HR Development Manager , the Labor Lawyer , the Payroll Manager , to HR Assistant . Discover our specific HR recruitment offer .


Our range of complementary services to Recruitment Sourcing allows you to build your recruitment à la carte. You choose the support you want within the budget you have set for yourself.

Interested in being accompanied in one of these stages of recruitment? So ask us a quote !


The services of a recruitment professional
The services of a recruitment professional
A great time saver
A great time saver
Custom recruitment adapted to your needs
Custom recruitment adapted to your needs
Quality recruitment at a competitive price
Quality recruitment at a competitive price

Examples of missions

You will find below some HR sourcing missions that we have carried out.

They illustrate our areas of intervention. Of course these few missions are far from being exhaustive.

Boost'RH Groupe responds to a sensitive recruitment need for the company

The client’s problem:

An industrial company comprising more than 12 employees following resignations, needed to recruit 4 very specialized technicians to meet its order book. Despite the introduction of increased overtime, the employees in post did not accept this permanent additional workload, and took advantage of this summer to negotiate benefits.

The service provided:

We met the company manager and the workshop manager to understand our client’s job, his corporate culture, the workshop manager’s management style, and the skills and behaviors required. We tried to understand why our client had not been able to hire for 6 months. We then launched the research with our network and presented candidates who exactly matched the client’s expectations.

The benefit for the customer:

He was relieved to know that we were looking for him and that we were able to find him the candidates he had been waiting for for 6 months. In addition, we have supported him in the integration of new employees to create a working atmosphere favorable to the development of all employees.

Factory recruiting

Boost'RH Groupe detects a rare skill

The client’s problem:

Preparing for the retirement of their Director of Operations, a company working on sensitive issues was looking for its replacement, wanting a person to continue the work of his predecessor. The position was difficult to fill because it required skills of organization, logistics, management of a large team of employees, actors of social functions and public service, who must be able to support psychologically.

The service provided:

Faced with the specific nature of this recruitment, Boost’RH Groupe offered its client a search strategy, geared towards former firefighters or professional military officers who took part in external operations. We activated our contacts within the military retraining cells, and within 10 days, we selected three candidates who perfectly correspond to the position to be filled, but also in phase with the predecessor.

The benefit for the customer:

This sensitive and complex recruitment was a real concern for the client. Relieved of this recruitment constraint, he was able, objectively, to make the best choice of the candidate and to ensure a handover of several weeks between the two Directors of Operations. The integration that we followed went very well, not only within the Management Committee and the Operations Department, but also throughout the company.


HR Director of a Data Center company, uses our Pre-recruitment service

The client’s problem:

A Bordeaux company providing services to the Data Center industry is desperately looking for an Electrical Engineering Project Manager (M / F).

The HRD only needs a pre-recruitment because trying to save his recruitment budget, he conducts the recruitment interviews himself.

The service provided:

Boost’RH Groupe offers its client a pre-recruitment service which consists of seeking in our network specialized in Data Center and IT, candidates who meet the requirements of the position. The candidates are then selected on the basis of precise criteria defined with the client, then qualified over the telephone to find out their requirements, strengths and points of vigilance, and to check their suitability for the workstation.

This formula is less expensive than traditional recruitment, the HRD will have to conduct interviews with candidates and check their adaptability to the corporate culture and the management style of the direct superior.

The benefit for the customer:

Time saving and greater efficiency, thanks to our means of finding candidates, far superior to that of a HRD whose job is not only recruiting, and making significant savings on the recruitment budget.

Customers who are satisfied with this pre-recruitment formula, which suit them, have been working regularly with Boost’RH Groupe since then.

Data Center Recruitment

A software publisher struggles to recruit his employees

The client’s problem:

A young start-up which has just exceeded 50 employees thanks to a revolutionary medical application, needs to recruit one employee per week to respond to the success of its product. The HR department is still limited to one person who cannot manage these recruitments. The RRH uses many specialized firms, whose fees are high due to the shortage of skills in this area. In addition, candidates are rare and do not always meet the client’s requirements for knowing how to behave.

The service provided:

Boost’RH Groupe knows the world of software editors well for having carried out several HRD missions as well as the health sector, which makes it easier to hunt down the candidate corresponding exactly to the position or to detect a candidate with the capacity to hold the job. post.

Several extremely targeted pre-recruitment missions were therefore carried out by Boost’RH Groupe for the benefit of this client, with significant success and integration rates.

The benefit for the customer:

Efficiency, time saving and savings.

In addition, not only is the candidate in line with the technical skills of the position, but also with the interpersonal skills and integration capacity required. The client was thus able to develop his business by recruiting the right profiles and responding to the demands of his clients.

Recruitment for Health

Sourcing, recruitment and process on an industrial site

The client’s problem:

The client is an industrial site of around 80 people, a subsidiary of a Global Industrial Group in the Chemicals sector.

Made up of a few administrative executives but mainly technical operators, the site needed more structuring of the recruitment process.

The second objective was to free up time for the CFO who took charge of direct recruitments.

The service provided:

Expertise on the entire recruitment process to strengthen the quality of recruitments and the candidate experience.

  • Propose solutions to broaden the sourcing of candidates in a complex employment pool,
  • Take charge of the pre-qualifications of the candidates to ensure the adequacy between the know-how and the interpersonal skills required by the client
  • Support job interviews, advise the client on these choices, help him make the best decision for the project, the team and the company.

The benefit for the customer:

  • In a context of lack of HR culture, we were able to bring a new perspective on the recruitment process and propose innovative ideas to allow the client to gain in efficiency.
  • The client was also able to benefit from documents and procedural models validated by the HR Consultant (sometimes with additional validation from a Lawyer) allowing him to be legally protected in the event of litigation.
  • The client was in control of certain HR processes, the flexibility of Boost’RH Groupe allows him to call on the Consultant on site according to monthly needs while remaining available remotely in real time.
Sourcing and recruiting

Customer testimonials


Questions answers

How do you search for candidates?

We have built up a network of relationships in different sectors of activity, a real community of talent contributors, which puts us in contact with employees looking for professional development. We also have access to numerous CV libraries, Outplacement Firms, the network of HRDs (ANDRH) and we use the services of Artificial Intelligence. We are in contact with Federations but also, present in many Circles of Company Managers throughout France which allow us to put in contact or send us applications.

Why are you cheaper than a traditional recruiting firm?

The cost of a recruitment is above all the time spent defining the need, looking for candidates, selecting them, evaluating them during an in-depth interview to verify technical skills, interpersonal skills, capacity for integration, sensitivity to a management style, and write a summary …

Sourcing is a lighter process allowing you to receive applications selected on their technical skills, the other aspects being delegated to you.

As a result, our intervention time is lighter and our invoice more competitive.

Can you accompany us throughout the national territory?

We can accompany you in Paris and in Regions from our Offices or Branches of Aix-en-Provence – Amiens – Angers AvignonBayonneBobigny – BordeauxBrestCaenCergyClermont-FerrandCréteil – DijonEvry – GrenobleLa RochelleLe Mans –  LilleLimogesLyon – MarseilleMayotte Melun MetzMontpellierMulhouseNancy – Nanterre – Nantes – Nice – Orléans – ParisPoitiersReims – Rennes – Rouen – Saint-Denis de la RéunionSaint-EtienneStrasbourg – Toulon – ToulouseToursValenciennesVersailles

Our team specialized in Sourcing

Philippe CAQUET HR Director


HR Director

Karine HR Recruitment Director


Director of Recruitment



Human resources director







Our candidate sourcing areas

  • Mutuals, Insurance and Brokers,
  • IT, software publishers,
  • The universe of Data Centers, Critical environment and Facilitis Management,
  • The health sector, medical research and pharmaceutical laboratories,
  • The aeronautical, automotive and metallurgical industry,
  • Service companies,
  • Cosmetics and fine chemicals.

Diversity charter:

Boost’RH Groupe adheres to the Diversity Charter and compliance with the rules of non-discrimination in hiring.

Also our Recruitment Managers manage applications solely on the basis of the match between the skills acquired and those required for the position. This without any discrimination throughout our recruitment process.

We also communicate regularly to our customers on this approach.

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Discover our other services specific to Human Resources
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