The Social and Economic Committee and its establishment

The new Social and Economic Committee

All companies with at least 11 employees must have a social and economic committee by 2020.

In order to simplify social dialogue within companies, the government has renovated the staff representative institutions. Thus, a new unique authority, baptized “ social and economic advice (CSE), was created to replace the existing institutions, namely the staff representatives, the works council and the health, safety and working conditions committee. But when should this substitution take effect in your business?

1st case: your company does not have staff representatives

If your company has no employee representatives but has had at least 11 employees for 12 consecutive months, you must set up a CSE without delay.

2nd case: your company already has employee representatives

If staff representatives are already in place in your company, you can wait until the end of their mandate to set up a social and economic advice . On the other hand, if this mandate ends after December 31, 2019, a CSE will still have to be put in place no later than January 1, 2020, the mandate of the staff representatives will therefore end early. But you can decide to anticipate its implementation, by signing a collective agreement or after consulting your works council or, failing that, your staff representatives.

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