CSE Elections

When should I organize the professional elections of the CSE?

Your structure has included more than 11 employees for 12 consecutive months?

So, you must have organized or renewed your CSE (Social and Economic Committee) elections since January 1, 2020.

We are HRD in Timeshare , specialized in Social relations .

We organize the professional elections of the CSE in traditional mode or in electronic votes .

We take care of the whole organization of the professional elections of the CSE , from the back-planning to the proclamation of the results and the drafting of the election report CSE .

Our lawyers take care of all questions relating to Social law , our developers, manage the application of electronic votes on PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone .

Ask us for a quote and delegate us all the organization of your professional CSE elections throughout the metropolis and overseas.

CSE elections by electronic votes

Your CSE elections, in all serenity

Is your added value really in the organization of your CSE elections ?

Do you currently have the time and skills to organize them?

Our specialists in organization of professional elections CSE ( Social and Economic Committee ) will relieve you of this constraint, secure your processes and support you throughout your CSE elections .

A HRD specializing in the organization of professional CSE elections will be your sole point of contact during all these CSE elections.

Available for you, you can reach him on his mobile or by email.

This HRD is also supported by our teams of labor law lawyers and CSE elections and by our developers of the CSE electronic voting application.

He / she will answer all your questions, even those relating to very specific situations in the context of your CSE professional elections .

This HRD will organize all your elections, leaving you with only a few minor tasks as indicated in the table opposite:








Questions to address You Boost’RH
Preparing the retro planning x
Drafting the pre-electoral agreement (PAP) x
Validation of the pre-electoral agreement (PAP) x
Preparation of the invitation to the Trade Unions x
Preparation of the meeting for the signature of the PAP x x
The preparation of the compulsory postings and the communication to the employees x
The diffusion of the communication to the employees x
For both rounds
The preparation of the staff list x
The preparation of the letters to the employees and the candidates x
The appointment of the President of the polling station and his two assessors x
The setting of the electronic voting software x
The organization of the ballot by electronic votes x
The control of the operations of the electronic vote x
The electronic counting of the votes x
The proclamation of the results x
The drafting of the Minutes to the DREETS/CTEP x
Preparation of the publication formalities of the minutes x
Legal advice to the management for the proper conduct of the elections x
Specific legal research adapted to your structure x
The respect of the minimum and maximum deadlines in the organization of the elections x
Precise answers to your questions during the whole electoral process x


What is the interest of electronic voting for the CSE?

After 12 years of experience in organizing the DP and CE elections, Boost’RH Group decided for the professional elections of the CSE to switch to electronic voting.

The ‘organization of professional CSE elections digital version with electronic votes simplifies the organization of your CSE elections especially for multi -sites or with itinerant or absent employees.

electronic voting in the organization of CSE elections brings modernity, simplification and time saving (no need to call your employees to hold the polling stations for hours, to prepare, print and cut the ballots, address the votes by correspondence or count and calculate the results before informing the Cerfa.)

With the choice of CSE electronic votes , Boost’RH Groupe brings you the flexibility, convenience and security of electronic votes.

Your employees can vote from any computer, tablet or smartphone. The application used by Boost’RH Groupe is technically recognized as a trusted third party by the CNIL .

Ask us for a quote!

CSE Elections

Our strengths for this service


Securing your electoral process

Save time

Save time for you and your teams


Practical advice in Labor Law


Neutrality towards employees and elected officials

Examples of missions

The client’s problem

The company is an SME with more than 50 employees and must organise its CSE elections. It has employees on several sites, including sales staff, and would like to use electronic voting. It has neither the skills nor the time to organise its elections.

The service provided

Boost’RH Groupe therefore organised its client’s entire CSE elections. This included legal support as well as IT support with the use of electronic voting software developed by Boost’RH Groupe’s partner. Boost’RH Groupe therefore took charge of drawing up the schedule for the elections, producing all the materials required for the election (communication with the trade unions, pre-electoral agreement, communication with employees, etc.), drafting the pre-electoral protocol, assisting the virtual polling station in both rounds, electronic counting, and printing the electoral minutes.

The benefit for the customer

Our support enabled the client to secure its CSE elections without having to deal with them. Time and logistical savings (printing of ballots, rental of ballot boxes and booths, postal charges, holding of the polling station, etc.) by using electronic voting.

CSE Elections

The client’s problem

A company with more than 10 employees had to organise elections for the Social and Economic Committee for the first time. No one in the company had the competence or the practice of social relations.

The service provided

After a meeting with the company director to present the organisation of the elections, highlighting the risks and obligations, we prepared a retro planning and an action plan. After validation with the client, we have, in collaboration with an employee of the company, carried out all the organisation of the elections and the preparation of the mandatory documents. We also assisted them in managing the first meetings of the CSE.

The benefit for the customer

Our client’s elections were organised smoothly, in accordance with the rules of the art, and now benefits, for its next elections, from a trained employee who has the experience and competence of managing the CSE.

CSE elections by electronic votes

The client’s problem

Our client is the French subsidiary of an international group with 40 employees. It must set up the CSE before 1 January 2020, as part of the implementation of the new Staff Representative Bodies.

The service provided

Our consultant fully prepared the elections and the implementation of the new CSE (Social and Economic Committee): establishment of the retroplanning of the elections by electronic votes, realization of all the supports necessary for the election of the CSE (communication with the trade unions, pre-electoral agreement protocol, communication with the employees, …). Our consultant also drafted the Internal Rules of Procedure of the CSE and trained the new elected representatives on their Rights and Duties as elected representatives of the CSE.

The benefit for the customer

Saving time and securing the elections, in an intense period at the end of the year. All they had to do was provide us with the list of employees to establish the electoral lists. As the employees voted by electronic ballots, our client saved the effort of organising a polling station with ballot boxes and insulators and sent postal ballots to absent or travelling employees.

Traditional CSE election

The client’s problem

The French commercial subsidiary of a group whose head office is based in Ireland had to set up its Social and Economic Committee before 31/12/2019.

The service provided

Boost’RH Groupe accompanied the company throughout the electoral process: counting the number of employees, drafting the various legal documents, answering management’s questions, etc.

The benefit for the customer

The Company is now up to date with its obligations in this area, and in compliance for the next 4 years

succès 8

The client’s problem

A company in the personal services sector – 160 employees (40 FTEs) spread over 6 establishments in France – wished to renew the seats of its employee representatives by electing the Economic and Social Committee (ESC).

The service provided

After discussing the context and the constraints linked to the jobs carried out, we proposed to our client the organisation and conduct of the CSE elections by remote electronic voting. Our mission consisted of assisting the management in the smooth running of the elections, in particular by establishing a retro schedule setting out the voting deadlines, drafting the pre-electoral agreement, convening the trade union organisations, preparing the compulsory mailings and postings, organising the technical aspects of the remote voting, and drafting the minutes for the Direccte.

The benefit for the customer

Ensuring compliance with the rules of law in force and the deadlines imposed in the electoral process, saving time, increasing the rate of participation in the vote, involvement and satisfaction of employees who were able to participate in the vote although on assignment with their clients ( from their smartphone or tablet).

Organization of CSE elections

The client’s problem

An industrial company with 70 employees wished to set up an Economic and Social Committee (ESC) and to assist it in drafting its internal regulations.

The service provided

After having discussed the context, the constraints linked to the professions, the calendar, and validated the calculations of the legal staffing thresholds, we proposed to our client the organisation and conduct of the CSE elections by remote electronic voting. We assisted our client with the technical and legal aspects of the vote and ensured its smooth running. Once the CSE was in place, we assisted the management in drafting the CSE’s internal regulations to be discussed during the first meetings with the new elected representatives: proposal for the structure of the document, taking into account the specificities of the company, legal research on feasibility, advice, etc.

The benefit for the customer

Compliance with the legal rules in force and the deadlines imposed in the electoral process, time saving, assurance of being advised and informed in case of questions, high turnout in the vote, satisfaction of employees and newly elected representatives.


Customer testimonials

Philippe KTORZA Philippe KTORZA Headmaster B&K Experts

Very serious and responsive company, great know-how, I recommend 100%.

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Didier CLARET Didier CLARET President CLARET Canada

I appreciated the quick and complete understanding of our issues. We were fully satisfied with the synthesis and the solutions provided.

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Pascal LE MEUR Pascal LE MEUR General secretary S2FIT1 (Subsidiary SNCF) in Paris (75)

S2FIT1, real estate company of the SNCF Group. BOOST’RH understood our specifications, which enabled us to entrust them with the mission. The scope was clear, the interviews well targeted and the deliverables up to expectations. Competence at the rendezvous.

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Guillaume BERTO Guillaume BERTO Assistant to the regional delegate Intergros - AKTO

Boost'RH has been a partner for several years and has demonstrated its expertise to B-to-B companies, both in terms of knowledge of the business and its ability to respond to the diverse issues related to the implementation and practice of GPEC in SMEs.

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