Payroll and Personnel Administration

When to call on us

When you are not satisfied with the reliability of your Payroll and its payroll taxes.

When your employees complain about payroll errors, and you want to secure your payroll by outsourcing your payroll to a professional.

Finally, when you also want to outsource the management of your Human Resources.

Our payroll and personnel administration outsourcing offer gives you peace of mind.

We secure your responsibility as an employer, the timely payment of your employees and their social charges.

The establishment of payrolls and social declarations require real technicalities: exemptions, deduction at source, changes in contribution rates, annual settings, URSSAF contributions …

With our payroll management outsourcing contract , our Payroll Specialists, carry out the following missions:

  • Carrying out a payroll audit and social charges,
  • Reliability and consistency control of data and payroll counters,
  • Providing technical payroll expertise in complex situations,
  • Payroll training intended for your Payroll managers or managers,
  • The temporary replacement of your payroll manager,
  • Preparing requests and extracting Payroll data,
  • Migration to a new Payroll system,
  • Preparation and support during a URSSAF check.

So ask us for a quote and let’s talk about your project.


Our payroll management offers

As close as possible to your needs, 3 payroll offers are available to secure your payroll and save time:

The offer: Autonomy

You carry out your payrolls and social declarations in complete autonomy with the SILAEXPERT payroll software in Saas mode. Boost’RH Groupe frees you from legal and contractual updates and payroll settings, carried out by the Payroll specialists of Boost’RH Groupe.

With the autonomy offer you:

  • Keep your autonomy in the realization of your payroll, DSN social declarations, Social report, BDES …
  • Outsource legal monitoring and settings (legal and conventional) to a Payroll Specialist
  • Benefit from high-performance software in Saas mode with multiple user accesses
  • Take advantage of the support and payroll assistance of Specialists
  • Master the SILAEXPERT payroll software thanks to our Paye trainings
  • Secure employee HR information in a digital safe
  • In the event of a prolonged absence, entrust the realization of your payroll to our payroll specialists

The offer: Comfort

With the comfort offer, you carry out your payroll operations while benefiting from the support of a Payroll Specialist from Boost’RH Groupe in carrying out complex tasks (Checking the balances of all account, Special contract, Production DSN, Production Social balance sheet, CSE report, Accounting interface, Production reporting).

With the comfort offer you:

  • Enter only variable payroll data
  • Outsource legal monitoring and settings (legal and conventional) to a Payroll Specialist
  • Benefit from high-performance software in Saas mode with multiple user accesses
  • Take advantage of the support and payroll assistance of Specialists
  • Master the SILAEXPERT payroll software thanks to our Paye trainings
  • Secure employee HR information in a digital safe
  • In the event of a prolonged absence, entrust the realization of your payroll to our payroll specialists

The offer: Serenity

With peace of mind, you only send your variable payroll elements , we take care of calculating your payroll, controlling it, editing it and preparing your social charges.

With the serenity offer you:

  • Transmit only variable elements to our dedicated Payroll Specialist
  • Benefit from reliable payroll carried out on high-performance software in Saas mode
  • Take advantage of a Hot line to explain pay slips
  • Secure employee HR information in a digital safe

With its 3 offers you benefit from:

Productivity gains: You free up precious time and gain peace of mind.

Increased reliability: You benefit from legal and contractual monitoring, payroll settings and assistance from our Payroll Specialists.

Security: In the event that your internal resources are unavailable, Boost’RH Groupe can establish your payroll with its team of payroll specialists.

Do you need to secure and outsource your payroll? Let’s talk about it together, contact us .

Administrative management of staff

Also outsource the administrative management of your staff.

After studying your situation, an HR manager , dedicated to your company, frees you from the following tasks:

  • Manage your personnel files,
  • Draft employment contracts and amendments,
  • Manage absences (paid leave, sick leave, maternity leave, etc.)
  • Secure your legal obligations,
  • Calculate premiums and benefits in kind,
  • Prepare CSE meetings,
  • Assist you in relations with staff,
  • Carry out the skills development plan,
  • Keep your legal obligations up to date,
  • Prepare documents for conventional rupture.

You need one-off or recurring help. Let’s talk about it together, contact us .

Gestionnaire RH

Our strengths for this service


Securing your payroll and social charges


Our payroll expertise


Outsourcing of Administrative Staff Management


Peace of mind for your employees

Examples of missions

The client’s problem

A client, following payroll regularisations, a change in the periodicity of paid holidays, and modifications to the SS ceilings, was experiencing reliability problems with his payrolls. Several regularisations had been carried out by the payroll manager in several directions, without satisfaction. The employees’ distrust was beginning to set in, forcing the payroll manager to justify herself regularly.

The service provided

After analysing the client’s problems, our HR consultant specialising in payroll carries out a payroll audit on the desired points and makes the necessary changes and adjustments either collectively or individually.

The benefit for the customer

Find a reliable payroll, satisfy employees and save time in payroll control.

The client’s problem

Following the resignation of the Payroll Manager in a company of 70 employees, the Management decided to replace her with a HR Consultant specialising in timeshare payroll.

The service provided

After studying the specifications, Boost’RH Groupe proposed to its client to take over the production of payrolls on its Silaé software, as well as its history since the beginning of the year via DSN.

The benefit for the customer

After a double payroll, the recovery of the entire payroll went smoothly. Decision support reports were offered to the client before being set up to help them manage their staff. The change of payroll provider was transparent for the employees. In addition, the client secured its payroll and made savings.

The client’s problem

A company with 50 employees in the catering sector, following the departure of its HR Director, was looking for HR expertise to manage human resources and payroll. Due to the activity, presence of a significant number of overtime hours, we assisted our client in the management of overtime and complementary hours of its employees.

The service provided

Boost’RH Groupe has identified our client’s challenges in order to provide them with suitable payroll and personnel administration solutions. Provision of an HR consultant specialising in payroll to set up new payroll procedures, meet the employer’s obligations, guarantee the day-to-day and administrative management of human resources, ensure the transmission of elements impacting on pay and check the validity of pay slips.

The benefit for the customer

Support and guidance in payroll, implementation of procedures. Availability to employees and managers. Support in meeting the employer’s legal obligations. Improvement of the social climate.

The client’s problem

We are working with a company that provides packed lunches for seminars and company meetings. The client wishes to streamline administrative tasks, professionalise and secure its actions in terms of Human Resources.

The service provided

Our mission is to provide our expertise in personnel administration and payroll. To this end, an HRIS was chosen and implemented. It consists of providing support to managers, making relations between staff and members of the management more fluid and making HR data more reliable.

The benefit for the customer

This has enabled it to rationalise administrative tasks in Human Resources, to save time and to make payroll data more reliable. Once this step had been completed, it allowed / will allow the professionalisation of Human Resources, the start of new projects and in particular the implementation of a training plan, the implementation of a forward-looking management of jobs and skills and a real remuneration policy. Following the resignation of the Payroll Manager in a company of 70 employees, the Management decided to replace her with a HR Consultant specialised in time-sharing payroll.

Customer testimonials


Boost'RH understood our issues and needs, and provided us with Elodie, an experienced external HR manager, who delivered top-quality work while constantly listening to our needs as they evolved over the course of her assignment. Highly professional in both legal and human terms. We recommend Boost'RH for your specific HR assignments.

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Clémence CABAL Clémence CABAL Legal and Training Manager Scouts Unitaires de France

Boost'RH's support for our CSE elections was a perfect fit. Everything is personalized and turnkey. Véronique was invaluable, always ready to listen and answer all my questions without delay. The great plus: a little email or phone call to remind me of deadlines, check up on me etc... Many thanks!

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Luis MONTEIRO Luis MONTEIRO HSE Coordinator I-CARE France

To set up our CSE for our 60 French employees, we called on Boost'RH Groupe, who were responsive, available and professional from the outset. The support provided by Véronique R. was invaluable in setting up and running this election. Demonstrating pedagogy on all applicable rules and in the completion of each step of the process. We recommend the services of Boost'RH Groupe.

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Philippe LEMAIRE Philippe LEMAIRE Head of School RAVAGO in Drusenheim (67)

Since December1, 2018, our business has been sold to a European plastics group. With no HR resources on site, we turned to Boost'RH for support. Boost'RH was very responsive in offering us support within a very short timeframe, and our collaboration with Boost'RH is much appreciated by all our staff. Boost'RH shares its in-depth knowledge of SMEs with us, and is an integral part of our management committee. It's a real source of ideas and a great help in guiding us through this period of transformation. The introduction of the CSE and the negotiation of new agreements were a resounding success thanks to this weekly support, which can be flexibly adjusted to suit the moment. Philippe Caquet, head of Boost'RH, is also ready to listen and help us if we need it. I recommend Boost'RH. for his ability to make proposals, his excellent contacts, his flexibility and his energy.

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I used this firm to organize the CSE elections using electronic voting. Very good listening and follow-up. I recommend it.

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Questions answers

Yes, we can do this by taking over the elements of the DSN (Déclaration Sociale Nominative).

No, the price of the pay slip already includes all this, so there are no nasty surprises.

Yes, we are obliged to charge for the time spent transferring your previous payroll elements. The invoice will take into account your payroll software, the annual period to which you wish to transfer.

Yes, but we have two possible billings, one with the electronic bulletin and social charges, the other with the electronic bulletin and social charges, but also integrated personnel administration.

On the proven and easy-to-use Silaé payroll software.

We can accompany you in Paris and in the Regions from our Offices or Branches of Aix-en-Provence – Amiens – Angers – Avignon – Bayonne – Bobigny – Bordeaux– Brest – Caen – Cergy– Clermont-Ferrand – Créteil – Dijon– Evry – Grenoble – La Rochelle – Le Mans – Lille– Limoges – Lyon – Marseille – Mayotte – Melun– Metz – Montpellier– Mulhouse – Nancy – Nanterre – Nantes – Nice – Orléans – Paris – Poitiers – Reims – Rennes – Rouen – Saint-Denis de la Réunion– Saint-Etienne – Strasbourg – Toulon – Toulouse– Tours – Valenciennes – Versailles

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