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Votre entreprise se développe et vous avez besoin au sein de votre structure d’un accompagnement opérationnel en Ressources Humaines, à temps partiel, ponctuel ou régulier.

Vous souhaitez déléguer la gestion de vos Ressources Humaines à un DRH (Directeur des Ressources Humaines) ou RRH (Responsable des Ressources Humaines) expérimenté, à temps partiel, et proche de vous.

Boost’RH Groupe peut mettre à votre disposition, un consultant RH (DRHRRHResponsable de paie et d’administration du personnel…) en temps partagé qui vous conseillera et gérera intégralement vos Ressources Humaines, afin de vous apporter sécurité et sérénité (voir nos prestations RH).

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Mais vous avez peut être également besoin de recruter de nouvelles compétences.

Boost’RH Groupe peut également vous accompagner dans vos recrutements en Ressources Humaines.

Boost’RH Groupe prendra en charge tout le processus de recrutement et vous présentera les candidats répondant aux compétences du poste, au savoir être souhaité et ayant une forte capacité d’intégration (voir notre vidéo sur la page nos prestations en recrutement).

Mais peut être n’avez vous besoin que d’un accompagnement partiel en recrutement. Simplement du sourcing de candidats, une description du poste ou la préparation d’une annonce de recrutement, le tri de CV en fonction de vos critères, un contrôle de référence, la conduite de l’entretien de recrutement, la passation de test psychotechniques ou une graphologie.

Boost’RH Groupe vous propose alors un recrutement à la carte en fonction de vos besoins.

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HRD and HRR in Timeshare
HRD and HRR in Timeshare

Your company is growing and you need to focus on its development. You know that its development cannot be achieved without good management of your human capital, but you lack the time and you are not a HR manager.

Boost’RH Groupe was created in 2007, precisely to meet the needs of growing companies that are recruiting and integrating their employees and need to keep their employees’ motivation and skills up to date.

We delegate you the HR Consultant on a time-sharing basis (from the international HR Director to the HR Assistant) who corresponds to your needs (skills, availability, know-how and geographical proximity).

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Our key numbers for HR Expert HR – Recruitment and HR transition management in Dijon (21)

Timeshare HR Experts
HR Transition Managers
Employees managed
Clients (Start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses and large groups)

Examples of missions HR Expert HR – Recruitment and HR transition management in Dijon (21)

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  • Boost'RH Group provides the HR function for the French subsidiary of an international group
  • Our HRM in shared time accompanies the development of a consulting firm
  • Boost'RH replaces the resigning HRM
  • Recruitment of a HRD in a growing company
  • Recruitment of a Payroll Manager for a HRD
  • The need for a transitional HRD for the creation of a new industrial site
  • A Transition Manager for the migration of a payroll system
Boost'RH Group provides the HR function for the French subsidiary of an international group

The client’s problem

A subsidiary of an international group with 20 employees was looking for a part-time HR manager with a perfect command of English and knowledge of the workings of large groups to manage its personnel and meet its legal obligations.

The service provided

After having defined the need, having proposed a mode of intervention in shared time, and having validated the consultant who would intervene, the mission of the HRD in shared time was launched at a rate of 6 half-days. The missions of the HRD in shared time consist in securing the General Director on his legal obligations, answering the expectations of the managers and the employees (needs of trainings, management of the CSE, recruitment and integration, legal watch…). This HR Consultant also manages relations with the Group HRD in London.

The benefit for the customer

Peace of mind regarding his legal obligations for which he is responsible for the subsidiary, comfort in relations with the Group’s HR department, saving time devoted to the subsidiary’s development, satisfaction of employees whose needs are managed.

Boost'RH Group provides the HR function for the French subsidiary of an international group

Customer testimonials at HR Expert HR – Recruitment and HR transition management in Dijon (21)

Philippe KTORZA Philippe KTORZA Headmaster B&K Experts

Very serious and responsive company, great know-how, I recommend 100%.

Didier CLARET Didier CLARET President CLARET Canada

I appreciated the quick and complete understanding of our issues. We were fully satisfied with the synthesis and the solutions provided.

Pascal LE MEUR Pascal LE MEUR General secretary S2FIT1 (Subsidiary SNCF) in Paris (75)

S2FIT1, real estate company of the SNCF Group. BOOST’RH understood our specifications, which enabled us to entrust them with the mission. The scope was clear, the interviews well targeted and the deliverables up to expectations. Competence at the rendezvous.

Guillaume BERTO Guillaume BERTO Assistant to the regional delegate Intergros - AKTO

Boost'RH has been a partner for several years and has demonstrated its expertise to B-to-B companies, both in terms of knowledge of the business and its ability to respond to the diverse issues related to the implementation and practice of GPEC in SMEs.


Our address at Dijon :

7 bis, Rue du Chapeau Rouge
21000 Dijon

To reach us by phone, we invite you to dial our central number on:

+ 33 (0)1 42 70 97 20 Contact us

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