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You have new HR projects to carry out and you do not have the internal resource.

You need temporary HR skills in interim management to strengthen your HR team.

Boost’RH Groupe has been since 2007 a HR transition management firm , specializing in Human Resources professions .

Also, we can delegate to you the Human Resources Transition Manager you need, in your region.

Select your HR transition manager and contact us to talk about it.


Managing your HR need in Interim Management

Your defined need, we offer 2 or 3 HR transition managers , specifically meeting your need for HR skills .

Whether they are HR generalists or HR experts , our HR transition managers are all experienced professionals in the HR function, recruited on the basis of skills and spirit of service.

Also, our HR Transition Managers demonstrate a strong commitment to action as much as to expertise.

With a wealth of backgrounds and Human Resources skills , they demonstrate pragmatism, as well as the ability to adapt and understand the challenges facing companies both on human, technological and business.

Based on your needs , we delegate to you to strengthen your teams, HR consultants in interim management with whom we work regularly and whom we appreciate for their professionalism .

But, in the absence of availability of our HR transition managers , we are launching a specific recruitment and ensuring the professionalism of the consultants.

You have no recruitment fees to pay us.

On the other hand, we will ask you to be very close and responsive in our discussions and the choice of HR transition managers who will be presented to you.

Our invoicing will be based on the price of a day depending on the nature of the HR mission and the skills of the HR transition manager .

We can delegate the following profiles of HR Transition Managers to you:

DRH RRH Head of Internal Communication

Head of Training Head of Recruitment

HR Business Partner Responsible for Recruitment

HR Officer Research Officer

HR Manager Head of Social Relations

Payroll and ADP manager Labor Lawyer 

Payroll Manager HR Assistant

Payroll Manager Head of HRIS Project

Comp & amp; Ben Manager Social Management Controller 

HR Development Manager Auditor social

Interested in HR transition management ?

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What we bring you

Main actor in support for Human Resources close to SME and large Groups, Boost’RH Group , Interim management firm specializing in Human Resources , brings you the HR competence , extra and temporary you need.

By calling on our HRD transition , you benefit from the expertise you are looking for from a HR expert in interim management.

This HR transition will meet your urgent and punctual need by carrying out missions that you cannot meet internally, such as:

  • Improved business performance : the Human Resources Director build a climate of trust and cooperation with social partners and employees in order to restore managerial credibility,
  • Change management : the HRD transition will be the main architect in driving change by creating the cultural and social conditions favorable to change management ,
  • Crisis management : the HR transition manager will have to restore the social dialogue , to restore the communication with employees or to drive a Employment Protection Plan (PSE) ,
  • HR or managerial expertise emergency : it is also possible to call on a HR transition manager as part of the temporary replacement of a HRD , RRH , Director of Social Affairs , Payroll and Personnel Administration Manager , Human resources director , Comp & ben , Training Manager , HR Assistant … absent ( disease , maternity , resignation not…),
  • Backup on specific missions and occasional HR , in support on HR projects large scope,
  • Our HR transition can intervene “à la carte”, either full-time or timeshare , depending on your problem and the evolution of your needs.

Our strengths for this service

HR Expertise

The Human Resources Expertise you expect

HR Resource

An HR Resource without recruiting

Agile solution

A tempory and immediate solution to meet your challenges


Satisfaction of your management and your employees

Examples of missions

The client’s problem

A family business with 600 employees is developing in new directions. To support employees in this transformation, it needs to change its Human Resources Department. Its current HRD is too traditional, whereas the management is looking for social innovation.

The service provided

Context and need: In order to cope with a significant increase in activity, a large renewable energy company needs to hire many employees before the end of the year. The HR department was unable to meet this imminent and specific demand and decided to seek external recruitment expertise. Solution: Boost’rh Groupe delegates an experienced recruitment officer, familiar with the client’s business, to its client on a full-time basis for 6 months. His/her mission will be to detect the talent they need and make an initial selection.

The benefit for the customer

Delegation of an operational recruitment officer within 10 days, without having to recruit him/her. This contribution of skills allows the HRD to respond quickly to recruitment requests from operational staff, without having to call on recruitment agencies, thus making significant savings.


The client’s problem

Wishing to respond to growth issues, the French management of a fine international company recognized in the world of health, creates a new strategic site in Central France. This site, which initially has 20 people, will be expanded to 200 within 18 months. The client is looking for an interim HR Manager to manage this increase in power, on a one-off mission.

The service provided

Boost’rh Groupe provides the client with an experienced interim HR manager for a period of one year, who is familiar with the client’s professional sector and has experience with international groups. This International HRD will manage the recruitment and integration of employees but also the daily HR issues related to this growth. He will create the HR function before handing over to an HRD hired on a permanent basis.

The benefit for the customer

The benefit of having an International HRD in Interim Management perfectly matching the need, within two weeks, autonomous, flexible, without having to count it in the workforce.

The client’s problem

A large telecommunications company, which is having to rapidly separate from its site HRD in a difficult social climate, urgently needs an experienced HRD. He/she will need to be comfortable with difficult social relations, to support the Head of the company and to manage the social conflict, while waiting to recruit the site HRD.

The service provided

Boost’rh Groupe is delegating to its client a HRD expert in social relations in difficult situations, on a full-time basis for 6 months. He will have to manage and resolve the social conflict and prepare the arrival of the new HRD for the site.

The benefit for the customer

Ability to react quickly to the conflict with the right person, management of the negotiations, return to serenity and arrival of the new HRD under good conditions.


The client’s problem

The HR director of an industrial company belonging to a German group wished to change its payroll system in a context of heavy workload. Not having the internal migration skills, it seeks to delegate this migration externally through an HR transition management service.

The service provided

Boost’RH Groupe is sending a Payroll Migration Project Manager to its client for an 8-month interim management assignment. This consultant has strong expertise in payroll and former operational experience as a Payroll and Personnel Administration Manager.

The benefit for the customer

Despite the heavy workload, the HR Department was able to meet the Group’s request to standardize its payroll system. This was done in good conditions without increasing the daily workload of its teams.

The client’s problem

The European HR department of a software company based in Northern Europe needed a part-time interim HR manager to manage the day-to-day HR issues of its small teams spread over 6 sites in France. Faced with difficulties in recruiting and retaining a competent part-time HR Manager, the European HR Department sought to outsource the HR function.

The service provided

Boost’rh Groupe is providing its client with a Human Resources Manager in Interim Management with 6 years of experience in a multi-site, international context, in English. The contract is for 2 days per week, with no set dates.

The benefit for the customer

Relatively low cost for serenity in the management and reporting of HR issues on the French sites, by an autonomous HRM who advises the European HRD on local specificities, particularly in terms of labour legislation.


Customer testimonials

Philippe KTORZA Philippe KTORZA Headmaster B&K Experts

Very serious and responsive company, great know-how, I recommend 100%.

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Didier CLARET Didier CLARET President CLARET Canada

I appreciated the quick and complete understanding of our issues. We were fully satisfied with the synthesis and the solutions provided.

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Pascal LE MEUR Pascal LE MEUR General secretary S2FIT1 (Subsidiary SNCF) in Paris (75)

S2FIT1, real estate company of the SNCF Group. BOOST’RH understood our specifications, which enabled us to entrust them with the mission. The scope was clear, the interviews well targeted and the deliverables up to expectations. Competence at the rendezvous.

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Guillaume BERTO Guillaume BERTO Assistant to the regional delegate Intergros - AKTO

Boost'RH has been a partner for several years and has demonstrated its expertise to B-to-B companies, both in terms of knowledge of the business and its ability to respond to the diverse issues related to the implementation and practice of GPEC in SMEs.

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Questions answers

Yes, we are indeed a firm specialising in Human Resources and our Interim Managers only have a vocation in Human Resources (International HR Manager, HR Manager, Payroll Manager, HR Development Director, Recruitment Manager, HR Business Partner, Employment Lawyer, Director of Social Relations, Payroll and Personnel Administration Manager, HR Assistant…)

They are consultants, mainly on a full-time basis but sometimes on a 3/5 or 4/5 basis, salaried in our structure, and we only invoice you for the days worked at a daily rate excluding VAT.

We know more than a hundred Interim Managers in HR functions, and when we cannot offer you the required competence in your region, we launch a two-week recruitment. Our aim is to provide you with the HR skills you need in your region. Some of our interim HR managers are also mobile throughout France.

The price of our services is calculated from the consultant’s salary multiplied by a management coefficient according to the profile sought. For more information, please contact us.

We can accompany you in Paris and in the Regions from our Offices or Branches of Aix-en-Provence – Amiens – Angers – Avignon – Bayonne – Bobigny – Bordeaux– Brest – Caen – Cergy– Clermont-Ferrand – Créteil – Dijon– Evry – Grenoble – La Rochelle – Le Mans – Lille– Limoges – Lyon – Marseille – Mayotte – Melun– Metz – Montpellier– Mulhouse – Nancy – Nanterre – Nantes – Nice – Orléans – Paris – Poitiers – Reims – Rennes – Rouen – Saint-Denis de la Réunion– Saint-Etienne – Strasbourg – Toulon – Toulouse– Tours – Valenciennes – Versailles

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