Individual or Team Coaching

When to use coaching?

When you evolve towards new responsibilities, when you need to have confidence in yourself, when you have to manage conflicts and stress in a changing, shifting or complex environment.

A professional coach is effective and necessary for:

  • Improving self-confidence, self-affirmation
  • Managing stress in difficult situations
  • Taking up a new position, new responsibilities, repositioning
  • Improving performance
  • Preparing for a meeting, an interview, a negotiation during a professional reorientation
  • Better managing time and priorities;
  • Better delegating in the management of conflicts
  • Preventing psycho-social risks
  • Stepping back, having a clearer vision of a situation that is sometimes complex
  • Clarifying motivation.

Our coaching methodology

This allows the coachee to put into practice the learning and new behaviours discussed during the sessions. Each session ends with a personal action plan, allowing the coachee to decide what “small steps” to take between each session.

What we bring you

In short, individual coaching allows you to :

  • Formulate one’s personal vision and translate it into concrete, measurable and achievable objectives
  • Bring awareness to one’s behaviour and interactions with one’s environment
  • Act rather than undergo the situations of change that are almost permanent in our societies
  • Be in touch with one’s resources and more precisely with those that will allow one to accomplish the desired change(s)
  • Control one’s emotions to cope with stress and pressure
  • Make decisions and act more efficiently and serenely
  • Be aligned with one’s values to put them at the service of one’s projects.
Individual coaching

Our strengths for this service


Better understanding of complex situations


Managing your stress


Better impersonal skills, and reassuring posture


Better sleep and dynamism

Examples of missions

The client’s problem

The Managing Director of an industrial site encounters collaboration difficulties between two of his CoDir members. One is the Sales Director, the other the Industrial Director. They have different views on their customers’ needs and do not understand each other.

The service provided

The Boost’RH Groupe coach accompanied them with their agreement, first individually in team coaching. Our coach taught them to get to know each other, to understand each other, and to accept that there is not just one truth.

The benefit for the customer

After a few coaching sessions, the two managers started to work differently together and to collaborate in order to bring their skills to each other and to make decisions together that benefit the company.

Customer testimonials


Boost'RH understood our issues and needs, and provided us with Elodie, an experienced external HR manager, who delivered top-quality work while constantly listening to our needs as they evolved over the course of her assignment. Highly professional in both legal and human terms. We recommend Boost'RH for your specific HR assignments.

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Questions answers

It depends on your expectations and needs, but in general we expect two 2-hour sessions per month over a six-month period.

Two employees who had to work closely together, but who operated differently, had great difficulty understanding each other. Group coaching sessions enabled them to understand each other better, to accept their differences, to settle old disputes and to enjoy working together.

Our coaches are all certified and experienced and can conduct individual or group coaching sessions.

We can accompany you in Paris and in the Regions from our Offices or Branches of Aix-en-Provence – Amiens – Angers – Avignon – Bayonne – Bobigny – Bordeaux– Brest – Caen – Cergy– Clermont-Ferrand – Créteil – Dijon– Evry – Grenoble – La Rochelle – Le Mans – Lille– Limoges – Lyon – Marseille – Mayotte – Melun– Metz – Montpellier– Mulhouse – Nancy – Nanterre – Nantes – Nice – Orléans – Paris – Poitiers – Reims – Rennes – Rouen – Saint-Denis de la Réunion– Saint-Etienne – Strasbourg – Toulon – Toulouse– Tours – Valenciennes – Versailles

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