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Philippe CAQUET

Pension reform: what to remember!

Already postponed many times, the pension reform promised by Emmanuel Macron should be presented to parliamentarians during next year, in 2020 and should come into force in 2025. Inventory of a delicate situation: A retreat that would be based on a universal system », Thus simplifying the current system where no less than forty-two different…

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The essentials on the remuneration of HR executives in 2020.

According to the studies carried out over the past three years, it is possible to observe a clear increase in the level of remuneration of executives in the human resources function. With an increase of +2 points compared to previous generations, the median gross annual salary – taking into account the fixed part and the…

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Gender equality within companies

In recent years, many efforts have been made to strengthen equality and professional diversity between men and women, with the aim of reducing the disparities in situations. If to the views different laws we are getting closer to parity, we are in fact still a long way from it. Indeed, legislation within companies is slow…

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Recruitment without discrimination: instructions for use.

Finding the ideal candidate can prove to be a real obstacle course. While recruiting someone with the right skills and attitudes is one thing, not discriminating during this process is another. And for human resources, this point is essential. If discrimination can be the manifestation of an assumed will, it is most of the time…

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Covid-19: Details on Partial Activity

New details on partial activity Posted on April 24, 2020 The government has just changed, in particular, the calculation of hours eligible for partial activity as well as the social system of compensation paid to employees. To help employers cope with the economic consequences linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, the public authorities are gradually strengthening…

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Business deconfinement: what are the measures?

It’s been official for some time now, the start of national deconfinement will start from this Monday, May 11, 2020 . If it will now be possible to go out at any time of the day without a certificate, what about measures for companies and their employees?   For businesses this means a gradual return…

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Post-containment teleworking, what prospects for the future?

If the health crisis linked to Covid-19 has led us to rethink our way of living and consuming, it will also and above all have upset our way of working. During confinement, 95% of companies must have resorted to teleworking voluntarily or by force. While this measure may have made some people very happy, for…

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The HR consultancy financing system for VSEs and SMEs

Until the end of the year, the Ministry of Labor has put in place a new system allowing the total or partial support of the provision of human resources advice for TME-SMEs. The purpose of this device is to help businesses in the context of the health crisis.   Who is this device for?  …

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The HR trends that are essential in 2021!

The year 2020 was an overwhelming year due to the epidemic crisis linked to covid-19. The latter forced the human resources department to completely change its strategy and rethink their vision of the future. Also, the latter has accelerated the digital transformation as much as possible. However, how can human resources drive change in such…

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Why set up a performance evaluation system?

Set up a performance evaluation system It is essential for a company and for its employees to have a system performance evaluation . Indeed, how measuring talent , organize the teams or know your organization if you do not take stock regularly? Therefore, any company that does not have such a process, or that finds…

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New Macron law

The 12 key points of the social “renovation” of the Government (Source ANDRH ) We have summarized the 12 major points of social renewal, including six ordinances which were published in the Official Journal on September 23, 2017. We wish you good reading and remain at your disposal for any further explanation. New structure of…

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New payslip on January 1, 2018

New pay slip template A new model of payslip should be used by all employers from next January. In order to make it more readable and thus ensure a better understanding of employees, the presentation of the payslip has been simplified. A presentation that will be binding on all employers from January 1, 2018. Summary…

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Creation of the whistleblower on January 1, 2018

The whistleblower Companies with at least 50 employees must from January 1, 2018 have a whistleblower. A alert launcher is the person who reveals or reports, disinterestedly and in good faith, a crime, a misdemeanor or even a serious and manifest violation of the law, of which they have had personal knowledge. Also, employers must…

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The Social and Economic Committee and its establishment

The new Social and Economic Committee All companies with at least 11 employees must have a social and economic committee by 2020. In order to simplify social dialogue within companies, the government has renovated the staff representative institutions. Thus, a new unique authority, baptized “ social and economic advice (CSE), was created to replace the…

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Mutuals are preparing their digital revolution

Digital and artificial intelligence for mutuals Philippe CAQUET was present at the 14th Meetings of the Opera Committee on the subject of “Digital and artificial intelligence for Mutuals”. What HR impact will digitization bring within Mutuals? The role of monitoring medical consumption and reimbursements, the automation of certain tasks, will it not allow mutuals to…

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What reform for training?

Evolving training management On March 5, Muriel Pénicaud, Minister of Labor announced a profound transformation of the professional training, transformation she hopes “ useful and expected “. A CPF in euros Today the “big bang” of the professional training offers, the monetization of hours of Personal Training Account ( CPF), in order to make the…

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The termination of the employment contract remains the job of the HRD

How to break the employment contract? Is conventional termination the solution to terminate the employment contract? The contractual termination allows any employee in agreement with his employer, to terminate his employment contract for an indefinite period by mutual agreement. Nevertheless, a certain formalism must be respected. In fact since 2008, it is possible for employers,…

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Predictive recruitment: what is it?

Predictive recruitment learn more Predictive recruitment is set to profoundly shake up business methods. This system, which is largely based on Big Data makes it possible to refine the search for candidates and find the most suitable profiles for a position. What is predictive recruitment? Predictive recruitment allows companies, via an algorithm, better target candidates…

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Do you know the headhunters?

To recruit certain profiles, traditional HR recruitment methods are no longer sufficient. More and more companies are now choosing to hire headhunters. What is a headhunter? The “ headhunter “, or head hunter , differs from the recruitment consultant by its research methodology. The classic approach goes from the candidate to the employer. The candidate…

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Employer brand in recruitment to attract talent

The Employer Brand, a concept to attract talent In a context of increased competition with the explosion of the Internet bubble in the early 2000s, this concept quickly became a key issue for HRD and Sourcing and recruiting managers In the enterprises. The employer brand , corresponds to the techniques of brand management (Marketing) applied…

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Interim management: an asset for companies

More and more companies in the transformation phase are using the skills of interim human resources managers. What is an interim manager? Interim managers are human resources experts able to intervene in various areas: payroll and personnel administration, social, legal or internal communication matters. Very popular with SMEs and mid-cap companies, they must meet a…

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HRD file your agreements on the Internet

When signing a collective agreement with your elected officials, you must submit it on the TéléAccords teleprocedure platform Collective agreements concluded within a company, establishment, group or economic and social unit as well as inter-company agreements must be filed with the Direct ( Regional Directorate for Business, Competition, Consumption, Labor and Employment ). This procedure…

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Withholding taxes: what impact on HR?

Withholding tax: what impact on companies? In 2019, companies will be responsible for collecting the tax on the salaries of their employees themselves. This tax reform is causing upheaval for payroll and human resources managers. It could also have an impact on the relationship between the employee and his employer. Businesses: what impact on payroll…

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Talent war: what consequences for companies?

In certain sectors or for certain skilled jobs, employers find it difficult to recruit. There are many reasons for this: lack of resources in certain regions, skills that are scarce or in high demand… One thing is certain: the “war for talent” has intensified in recent years. HR recruitment: talents in high demand by companies…

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Digitization: an opportunity for human resources

Developments in technology are forcing HR to fundamentally rethink work organization and give meaning to employee missions. Guarantee cohesion between generations With digitization, companies are facing new challenges. Digital tools impact recruitment methods and channels. They also encourage companies to better support their employees. At a time when changes in professions are accelerating, human ressources…

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How to boost the motivation of your employees?

How to succeed in motivating your employees? This is the question many business leaders ask themselves and human resources directors . The challenge is to prolong for a long time the often very strong motivation shown by an employee when he arrives in a company. Here are 10 factors to boost the motivation of your…

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Teleworking: challenges and practices

What is teleworking? any form of work organization in which a task or mission which could also have been carried out on the employer’s premises is carried out by an employee outside these premises on a voluntary basis using information and communication technologies. Teleworking in France in 2019 According to the Minister of Labor, the…

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Labor Code: the 8 flagship measures of the Macron ordinances

Parliament authorized the government to legislate by ordinance to reform the Labor Code. By Marie Zafimehy PUBLISHED ON 08/08/2017 AT 08:10 RTL The National Assembly, then the Senate. Last week Parliament formally authorized the government to legislate by ordinance to reform the Labor Code. According to the majority unions, this law is a continuation of…

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Human Resources Barometer 2019: Summary and analysis

The publication of the new edition of “ HR barometer ” show that digitization is increasingly present in our society. This has a real impact on our working environment. Companies must adapt quickly to a constantly changing environment, thus placing business transformation at the heart of concerns. Among the 140 Human Resources Directors surveyed, no…

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Recruitment: the contribution of artificial intelligence

While it seems unlikely that HRDs will one day be replaced by robots, artificial intelligence is gaining ground in the recruitment process. A growing number of recruiters are now using chatbots, automated CV analysis or predictive recruiting. Update on advances in artificial intelligence (AI) in human resources. Deep learning to identify the best candidates /…

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Telecommuting for it works, how do you go about it?

With the confinement of last spring, teleworking has seen an acceleration in its practice in companies. Indeed, the global pandemic linked to covid-19 has plunged all companies that can to telework. While during the first lockdown, it was put in place as a matter of urgency, during the second, companies were relatively well prepared. However,…

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