Human Resources Recruitment Firm

Recruit your HR team, with the help of an HR firm specializing in the recruitment of Human Resources functions

Why call on an HR Recruitment Firm?

Because Human Resources positions are sensitive or strategic positions and you want an outside perspective for this recruitment.

You are a leader, and you need advice on the HRD profile you wish to recruit. In addition, you cannot entrust this recruitment internally.

You are HRD and do not want to be “judge and party” in the recruitment of your direct collaborators.

We can assist you with recruitment of Human Resources positions such as:

HRD                          RRH                            Head of Internal Communication

Training manager                  Human resources director

HR Business Partner                                 Chargé-e du Recrutement

HR Officer                                        In charge of research

HR manager                                  Head of Social Relations

Payroll manager and ADP                    Social law lawyer

Payroll Manager                                 HR Assistant

Payroll accountant                                 HRIS Project Manager

Head of Comp&Ben                          Social Management Controller

HR Development Manager      Social auditor

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Examples of HR functions recruited

The main jobs we are recruiting in Human Resources

You will find a job description by HR function to help you specify your needs.

Recruitment of Payroll Managers - Personnel Administration - Remuneration

Recruitment of HR Development Managers and internal communication

Recruitment of Recruitment and Internal Mobility Managers

Recruitment of Social Affairs Managers and Labor Law jurist

Recruitment of HRIS managers and other HR functions

Our methodology in HR recruitment

Boost’RH Group can supports your entire recruitment , with the presentation of a “short list” of candidates corresponding to your expectations in terms of know how but also of know-how

How to launch your HR recruitment?

We will define together your recruitment needs , write a Research Sheet and present you a search strategy .

Based on your recruitment needs, we look for candidates that meet your criteria, select them, qualify them and give them tests .

We then meet them, during a job interview to clearly identify the suitability between the candidate, his competences , his know-how , the results of his psychological tests and your expectations.

We seek not only to provide you with know-how, but also with interpersonal skills. We present to you the 3 or 4 candidates corresponding to the position to be filled and its environment.

Each application will be accompanied by a complete recruitment file on the suitability for the position and the points of vigilance.

What we bring you

Boost’RH Group differs from a recruiting firm traditional, by offering you an à la carte recruitment service.

A tailor-made recruitment offer

Boost’RH Groupe offers to support you in the recruitment stage of your choice, on which you wish to be advised by a recruitment professional :

Definition of the need and research strategy

The crucial point in recruiting, to be efficient and speed up, is to clearly define the profile sought. This, in order not to go back over it, and waste precious time.

Then, it is a question of defining a search strategy, specific to the profile you are looking for and your activity.

This is why we offer to support you in the launch of your recruitment, to ensure you have a good start.

Direct approach sourcing

It is often difficult to find the right candidate quickly. To do this, it is necessary to apply the research strategy, but also to benefit from an important Human Resources network. This is precisely the case for us, being a firm specializing in Human Resources. In addition, it is necessary to have a great deal of expertise in order to master the right search tools and obtain results quickly. This is why we provide you with the sourcing experience of our research officers, and all our associated tools (including our new artificial intelligence software package).

Personality tests

To validate or decide between certain candidates, it is sometimes useful to use personality tests. Only work psychologists authorized to administer these tests can administer and interpret them. We suggest that you have these tests passed by our psychologists, and give them back to you enriched with our comments.

Integration and integration coaching

We are Human Resources professionals, very sensitive to the integration of new hires, and their acceptance by the team in place. We can also provide onboarding advice to your managers and new employees.

Our HR recruitment services offer allows you to choose the support you want.

Do you want to know our conditions? So ask us a quote !


The services of a recruitment firm specializing in HR
The services of a recruitment firm specializing in HR
Lump-sum invoicing based on time spent and not linked to salary
Lump-sum invoicing based on time spent and not linked to salary
A personalized service
A personalized service
Knowledge of a large community of HR candidates
Knowledge of a large community of HR candidates

Examples of missions

You will find below some Recruitment missions that we have carried out.

They illustrate our areas of intervention. Of course these few missions are far from being exhaustive.

Recruitment of a HR Director in a growing company

The client’s problem:

A family business with 600 employees is developing in new areas. To support employees in this transformation, it needs to develop its Human Resources Department . Its current HRD is too traditional while the Management is looking for social innovation .

The service provided:

Our HRD in charge of Recruitment discussion with the Chief Executive Officer on the objectives set for the future HRD and on its expected functioning. An exchange of ideas makes it possible to define the profile of the next HRD as well as the organization of the future HR Department .

Having a clear idea of the profile to be recruited, we communicated confidentially in our HR network our need and within a few days we were able to present three different candidates meeting the client’s needs. We also helped the Managing Director to make his difficult choice among the candidates.

The benefit for the customer:

Through our discussion, we clarified the client’s needs and reassured them in the vision of their future HR organization. Quickly he was able to materialize with the HRD which corresponded to the evolution of the company. He was satisfied with our approach and the service provided.

Recrutement en Ressources Humaines

Recruitment of a Payroll Manager for a HRD

The client’s problem:

A healthcare establishment with 1,800 employees spread over several sites and facing a resignation, is looking for its Payroll Manager . The HRD not wishing to be judge and party, appealed to the recruitment firm of Boost’RH Group specialized in professions in Human Resources .

The service provided:

Boost’RH groupe defines the outline of the position, the interrelationships, within the Human Resources Department , within the company, and in external relations. It also discusses the DNA and mode of operation of the health establishment and the management style of the HRD .

After this decisive step in finding the right candidate, sourcing was carried out on several axes, including within our HR community .

We were quickly able to select candidates, and retain four, with different profiles to present to our client. She quickly made her choice.

The benefit for the customer:

Save time when our client was in a hurry, wishing to pass instructions on one to two pays, securing the recruitment process without interference, and at the same time presenting to the entire HR team (including to the Head of Recruitment ).

Recrutement RH

Recruitment of a Payroll and Personnel Administration Manager

The client’s problem:

A large transport group, with a multi-site establishment in France, wishes to recruit a Payroll and Personnel Administration Manager in CDI.

The service provided:

Based on a precise brief with the company which enables them to understand the environment and the challenges of the position, Boost’RH Gropupe draws up a research sheet which is validated by the company.

Sourcing is carried out in a broad and targeted manner.

In these positions in tension, the direct approach of the candidates makes it possible to capture competent profiles.

The assessment interviews are multiple and cross-referenced and allow the validation of key skills.

For each candidate, a complete file is drawn up. The short list is established and sent to the company.

The benefit for the customer:

Boost’RH Groupe remains in constant contact with the company throughout the recruitment process.

The very time-consuming sourcing work is delegated to the firm and allows the company to concentrate on its main activity.

The support and advice of Boost’RH Groupe made it possible to find the candidate who was quickly operational.


Boost'RH Groupe is recruiting a dual profile

The client’s problem:

The client, a specialized mutual that wanted to develop by increasing the number of members and its turnover. She is looking for a Director of Human Resources which can replace the current one within two years General manager wishing to retire.

The service provided:

Boost’RH Groupe therefore carried out a dual-level recruitment mission, that of candidates corresponding to the current position of Human Resources Director and that of future CEO.

We therefore made a very selective choice towards candidates who have already held similar functions for a few years, in equivalent Mutuals, and wishing to evolve in the short term to a position of Chief Executive Officer.

The benefit for the customer:

Our intervention was rapid and four hyper-targeted candidates were presented after 3 weeks. These candidates not only corresponded to the position, had the capacity to evolve towards a position of Managing Director, but were also in phase with the corporate culture, and the management style of the Managing Director in place.

The client quickly chose a candidate whom we followed during his integration period and who enjoys this promotional position very much.

Recrutement d'un DRH

Customer testimonials


Questions answers

Are you really specialized in all HR functions?

We are all former HR passionate about Human Resources , from the search for the right profile to employee development. Specialized in recruitment for the Human Resources function, we are perfectly familiar with the different HR professions (International HRD, France HRD, RRH, Payroll Manager, Development Manager, Recruitment Manager, Social Affairs Director, Labor Lawyer, Payroll Manager, HR Assistant, etc.) and work on the evolution of the function in reflection workshops with members of the ANDRH .

How do you source on HR profiles?

We have been part of the HR community for many years, we regularly communicate on our social networks HR developments , we reflect on the evolution of the function and certain professions in competition with Artificial Intelligence and we frequent numerous HRDs within the framework of the National Association of HRDs . Many candidates in Human Resources , visit our site job offers reserved for HR .

All these interactions allow us to quickly find the candidate on the national territory.

How do you bill your HR recruitment services?

Unlike traditional firms, we offer you a package depending on the complexity of the recruitment entrusted (position and level of responsibilities, work environment, geographic location, labor market and proposed salary).

Do you work in success?

No, we want to create a real partnership and a strong reciprocal commitment between you and our firm. Indeed, we want to respond quickly to your needs and present you the Human Resources candidates in perfect harmony with the position, your requirements and your expectations. This can only be done exclusively.

We do not count the energy we deploy to satisfy you, and want to be remunerated in return.

Can you accompany us throughout the national territory?

We can accompany you in Paris and in Regions from our Offices or Branches ofAix-en-Provence – Amiens – Angers AvignonBayonneBobigny – BordeauxBrestCaenCergyClermont-FerrandCréteil – DijonEvry – GrenobleLa RochelleLe Mans –  LilleLimogesLyon – MarseilleMayotte Melun MetzMontpellierMulhouseNancy – Nanterre – Nantes – Nice – Orléans – ParisPoitiersReims – Rennes – Rouen – Saint-Denis de la RéunionSaint-EtienneStrasbourg – Toulon – ToulouseToursValenciennesVersailles

Our team specializing in Human Resources recruitment

Philippe CAQUET HR Director


HR Director

Karine HR Recruitment Director


Director of Recruitment



Human resources director







Diversity charter:

Boost’RH Groupe adheres to the Diversity Charter and compliance with the rules of non-discrimination in hiring.

Also our Recruitment Managers manage applications solely on the basis of the match between the skills acquired and those required for the position. This without any discrimination throughout our recruitment process.

We also communicate regularly to our customers on this approach.

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Discover our other services specific to Human Resources
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