HRD and HRR in Timeshare

Delegate the management of your Human Resources to a HR or HR Professional in Timeshare.

When to call on us

Your business is growing and you need to focus on growing it.

You know that its development cannot be free from good management of your Human capital , but you are running out of time and you are not a HRD .

Boost’RH Group was created in 2007, precisely to meet the needs of growing companies, which recruit and integrate their employees and need to keep the motivation and up-to-date skills of their employees.

We delegate to you HR consultant in timeshare (from International HRD to the HR Assistant ) which corresponds to your needs (Skills, availability, interpersonal skills and geographical proximity).

This HR consultant will accompany you on the missions of Human Resources thinking to accompany your HR development . But also in the daily management of your employees in order to meet your obligations, facilitate a good social climate and retain your employees.

He / she can also assist you in your recruitments by defining the profile you are looking for and sourcing candidates.

This HR consultant will select the candidates with you before conducting the recruitment interviews . It remains to choose the best candidate and prepare for integration.

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Our methodology and operation

How to answer my HR questions?

Boost’RH Groupe suggests that you delegate a HR consultant operational and pragmatic, who will take all the relevant questions by your side. Human ressources.

The subjects dealt with by our HR consultant can concern day-to-day and very operational issues, questions on the development of talents and skills, and finally the establishment of a Human Resources policy .

This HR in timeshare will advise you and resolve your concerns HR by setting up processes and HR solutions .

He is a professional HR function which will bring you serenity and security.

What will be the profile of my part-time HR?

It depends on your need.

We are committed to delegating the Part-time HR corresponding exactly to your needs, in terms of skills, interpersonal skills, availability and geographical proximity.

Generalist HR function , he can hold the position, depending on the subjects to be covered and your needs, HRD in timeshare , of RRH , of Responsible for payroll and personnel administration , of HR manager or HR Assistant .

He will be in pairs with another HR consultant in timeshare back-up to compensate for any downtime and guarantee the continuity of our service.

He can always rely on one of our HR specialists (legal, RPS , recruitment , outplacement, retirement, CSE elections …) For a very specific question requiring in-depth study.

Discover on our HR blog our article on timeshare HRD.

What we bring to you in time-sharing HR services

Generalist of the Human Resources function, this HRD in Timeshare will manage your personnel issues and free up precious time for you to develop your business.

Our HR consultant in timeshare supports you both in HR advice and in the management of HR files on a daily basis, a few days a month.

What HR missions can I entrust to him?

Our time-sharing HR consultants may, among other things:

  • Perform payroll and social declarations,
  • Manage personnel administration,
  • Secure your social obligations,
  • Set up your annual or professional interviews,
  • Develop skills,
  • Support and advise in social relations,
  • Advise management and managers,
  • Understand employee expectations and propose actions,
  • Retain and keep motivated employees,
  • Prepare, propose and implement a Human Resources policy.

In summary this Part-time HR can handle:

  • Legal compliance and staff management daily,
  • The implementation of a policy of talent development and some staff motivation,
  • The establishment of a HR policy , integrated into the corporate strategy, allowing to “boost” the development of the company.


La sécurisation de vos obligations légales
La sécurisation de vos obligations légales
Gain de temps pour développer votre activité
Gain de temps pour développer votre activité
Conseils, réflexion et support sur votre politique RH adaptée à votre besoin
Conseils, réflexion et support sur votre politique RH adaptée à votre besoin
Satisfaction de vos salariés
Satisfaction de vos salariés

Examples of missions

You will find below missions carried out by our HRD and HRR in timeshare.

They illustrate our areas of intervention. Of course these few missions are far from being exhaustive.

Boost'RH Groupe defines a motivating remuneration system

The client’s problem:

We intervened in favor of a distributor of components for the construction of industrial equipment.

He needed to increase his turnover and generate more results.

The service provided:

We first discussed with the client the objective to be achieved, then the means to be implemented and finally we proposed the implementation of a motivating remuneration policy.

Variable compensation based on objectives has been implemented to replace the bonus paid at the end of the year. The objectives were clearly defined and shared by all.

The benefit for the customer:

By setting up a new motivating remuneration system, the technical sales representatives of this company have increased over the first year, their turnover, secure the margin on their sales, and in the future, have developed a portfolio of qualified prospects.


Boost'RH Groupe responds to a need for Human Resources management

The client’s problem:

One of our leading Start’ups in the health sector, reaching 18 employees, was beginning to encounter major problems in terms of managing its human capital, without being able to recruit a person to manage them.

The service provided:

We first spoke with the manager, to understand the context, its challenges and its expectations. We then proposed the intervention of a HRD part-time , adapted to its needs in terms of skills, intervention time and invoicing.

The benefit for the customer:

An almost instantaneous improvement in the working atmosphere, employees more concentrated and involved in their work, and a saving of time and serenity for the business manager to devote himself to the development of his business.

Boost'RH Groupe provides the HR function for the French subsidiary of an International Group

The client’s problem:

A subsidiary of 20 employees of an International Group was looking for a HRD in timeshare fluent in English and familiar with the operation of Large Groups to manage its staff and meet its legal obligations.

The service provided:

After having defined the need, having proposed a mode of intervention in timeshare, and validated the consultant who would intervene, the mission of the HRD in timeshare was launched at the rate of 6 half-days.

The missions of HRD in timeshare consist in reassuring the Chief Executive Officer of his legal obligations, meeting the expectations of managers and employees (training needs, CSE management, recruitment and integration, legal monitoring, etc.). This HR consultant also manages relations with the Group HR Director in London.

The benefit for the customer:

Serenity in his legal obligations for which he is responsible for the subsidiary, comfort in relations with the Group HRD, saving of time devoted to the development of the subsidiary, satisfaction of employees whose needs are managed.

Boost'RH replaces the resigned RRH

The client’s problem:

Industrial company with 50 employees, including Human resources manager resigns. Instead of replacing it post for post, the Company Manager is looking for a HRD in timeshare in order to gain skills and save money.

The service provided:

From the description of the issues, and missions to be carried out in Human Resources , Boost’RH Groupe presents an HR Consultant capable of responding to the new skills requested by the client, but also to the DNA of the company.

This HRD in timeshare will replace the RRH resigned on his operational missions and will support the Manager on strategic issues. The integration of HRD in timeshare is all the more simple, since he has no hierarchical link with anyone and is an external HR Consultant.

The benefit for the customer:

The gain of strategic HR support and the resumption of the missions of its HRR. Employee satisfaction, and support for managers in complete confidentiality. Savings made.

Our timeshare RRH supports the development of a consulting firm

The client’s problem:

A consulting firm specializing in high technology, was experiencing significant progress. To the 50th employee, the DAF asked to be accompanied by a Human Resources Professional .

The service provided:

After having defined the expectations of the Management, in monitoring and management of Human Resources, Boost’RH Groupe has delegated to its client a Timeshare Human Resources Manager .

This Timeshare RRH will advise CODIR members but also managers. In parallel with this advisory mission, the RRH in time Shared will take charge of the HR operational management of employees.

The benefit for the customer:

The social climate and the social relations with the CSE are improving, the heads of department are supported in their management, the management is advised, recruitment and integration are structured, the skills development plan and professional interviews are put in place.

Employees are satisfied and employee turnover is decreasing, stabilizing the teams in place.


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Questions answers

How will my timeshare HR manager be chosen?

After studying together, your needs and expectations of a HRD in Shared Time present in your premises, we will present you with a service proposal that meets your needs.

After your agreement, we will introduce you to accompany you on the management of your Human Wealth , your Human Resources Professional . This is chosen according to your geolocation, your activity, your corporate culture and your management style.

This HR in timeshare will intervene regularly within your company and you will be, as well as your managers, his privileged interlocutor.

Our team of HR in timeshare is at your disposal to bring you the expected solutions in Human ressources .

What is your billing method for your Human Resources service?

You have a Human Resources need , you are aware of its importance but your budget is constrained.

Also, to meet your expectations, we have developed several types of invoicing:

  • For a one-off need or a HR mission clearly identified, we offer you invoicing corresponding to the time spent according to the hourly rate of the HR consultant intervening.
  • For a recurring mission of a few days per month, we define together the frequency of intervention and the number of days required. Your invoicing will be monthly and will correspond to the price of the days of intervention.
  • For a subscription over the year, we offer our Boost’line formula of 10 or 20 hours, renewed by tacit agreement.

What is the difference between the intervention of an HR or a timeshare HRD?

– Our Timeshare RRH are operational generalists of the HR function . They will handle all of your questions daily in Human Resources .

For example, our Timeshare RRH will prepare your CSE meetings, manage personnel administration and transmit variable elements to the payroll department, control payroll, prepare the skills development plan, participate in recruitment or manage the integration of a new employee.

All the day-to-day issues of managing your human resources will be taken care of by our time-sharing RRHs to free up your time.


– Our HRD in timeshare rather work in the HR development and strategy , by preparing recruitment plans for the year, renegotiating company agreements, preparing a Human Resources policy , negotiating social protection contracts, managing individual redundancies with transaction or collective, offering global training actions for the company …


But sometimes the border RRH / DRH is not so clear.

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