HR Consulting, HR Outsourcing and HR Recruitment in Geneva

Your HR HR consulting firm in timeshare in Geneva

Your company in the Canton of Geneva ( French-speaking Switzerland ) is growing and you need a HRD in timeshare for manage your Human Resources .

You wish to delegate to this HR consultant in timeshare the daily management of your Human Resources to focus on your main functions.

You also need HR advice and a legal watch on Swiss labor law in the Canton of Geneva .

Boost’RH Group since 2007 has been supporting Swiss and French companies in their Human Resource Management .

We can delegate one of our HRD in timeshare of our Geneva office , to intervene punctually or regularly for a few days a month in the overall management of your Human Resources.

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Your HR recruitment firm in the Canton of Geneva in French-speaking Switzerland

You need to recruit in Swiss news Human Resources skills ?

You struggle to find Human Resources profiles on the Canton of Geneva , which are in line with the HR post that you propose.

The border position of Geneva puts you in competition with French and even German companies.

You wish to delegate this HR recruitment has a Recruitment firm specializing in Human Resources functions .

Boost’RH Group , Recruitment firm specializing in Human Resources can meet your need.

Very established within Human Resources communities and associations in Swiss and in France , we can present you the candidates who meet your expectations in terms of skills and experience, soft skills, and integration capacity.

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Discover our page dedicated to Human Resources Recruitment . Contact us in exchange on the HR profile What you are looking for.

Our key numbers for HR Consulting, HR Outsourcing and HR Recruitment in Geneva

Timeshare HR Experts
HR Transition Managers
Employees managed
Clients (Start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses and large groups)

Examples of missions HR Consulting, HR Outsourcing and HR Recruitment in Geneva

The client’s problem

A subsidiary of an international group with 20 employees was looking for a part-time HR manager with a perfect command of English and knowledge of the workings of large groups to manage its personnel and meet its legal obligations.

The service provided

After having defined the need, having proposed a mode of intervention in shared time, and having validated the consultant who would intervene, the mission of the HRD in shared time was launched at a rate of 6 half-days. The missions of the HRD in shared time consist in securing the General Director on his legal obligations, answering the expectations of the managers and the employees (needs of trainings, management of the CSE, recruitment and integration, legal watch…). This HR Consultant also manages relations with the Group HRD in London.

The benefit for the customer

Peace of mind regarding his legal obligations for which he is responsible for the subsidiary, comfort in relations with the Group’s HR department, saving time devoted to the subsidiary’s development, satisfaction of employees whose needs are managed.


The client’s problem

A consulting firm specializing in high technology was experiencing significant growth. At the 50th employee, the CFO asked to be accompanied by a Human Resources Professional.

The service provided

After defining the expectations of the management, in terms of monitoring and management of Human Resources, Boost’RH Groupe delegated a Human Resources Manager on a time-sharing basis to its client. This shared HR manager will advise the members of the CODIR as well as the managers. In addition to this advisory role, the timeshare HR manager will be responsible for the operational HR management of employees.

The benefit for the customer

The social climate and social relations with the CSE have improved, the department heads are supported in their management, the management is advised, recruitment and integration are structured, the skills development plan and professional interviews are implemented. Employees are satisfied and employee turnover has decreased, stabilizing the teams in place.


The client’s problem

Industrial company with 50 employees whose Human Resources Manager resigned. Instead of replacing her post for post, the company’s Director is looking for a shared HR manager in order to gain in skills and make savings.

The service provided

Based on a description of the issues and missions to be carried out in Human Resources, Boost’RH Groupe presents an HR Consultant capable of responding to the new skills required by the client, but also to the company’s DNA. This HRD on a time-sharing basis will replace the resigning HRM on her operational missions and will support the Director on strategic issues. The integration of the HRD in shared time is all the more simple, as he has no hierarchical link with anybody and is an external HR Consultant.
Industrial company with 50 employees whose Human Resources Manager resigned. Instead of replacing her post for post, the company’s Director is looking for a shared HR manager in order to gain in skills and make savings.

The benefit for the customer

Le gain d’un accompagnement stratégique en RH et la reprise des missions de sa RRH. Satisfaction des salariés, et accompagnement des managers en toute confidentialité. Economies réalisées.


The client’s problem

A family business with 600 employees is developing in new directions. To support employees in this transformation, it needs to change its Human Resources Department. Its current HRD is too traditional, whereas the management is looking for social innovation.

The service provided

Our HR Director in charge of recruitment discusses with the General Manager the objectives set for the future HR Director and his expected functioning. An exchange of ideas allowed us to define the profile of the next HR Director as well as the organization of the future HR Department. Having a clear idea of the profile to be recruited, we communicated our needs in complete confidentiality to our HR network and within a few days we were able to present three different candidates meeting the client’s needs. We also assisted the General Manager in making his difficult choice among the candidates.

The benefit for the customer

Through our exchange, we clarified the client’s needs and reassured him in the vision of his future HR organization. He was quickly able to finalize the HRD that corresponded to the company’s evolution. He was satisfied with our approach and the service provided.

The client’s problem

A healthcare establishment with 1,800 employees spread over several sites and faced with a resignation is looking for a Payroll Manager. The HR director did not want to be both judge and jury, so she called on the Boost’RH Group recruitment agency, which specialises in Human Resources.

The service provided

Boost’RH group defined the outline of the position, the interrelationships, within the Human Resources Department, within the company, and in external relations. The DNA and operating mode of the healthcare institution and the management style of the HR department are also discussed. After this decisive stage in the search for the right candidate, sourcing was carried out on several levels, including within our HR community. We were quickly able to select candidates, and retained four with different profiles to present to our client. She quickly made her choice.

The benefit for the customer

Saving time when our client was in a hurry, wanting to pass on instructions over one or two payrolls, securing the recruitment process without interference, and presenting at the same time to the whole HR team (including the Recruitment Manager).


Témoignages clients

Clémence CABAL Clémence CABAL Legal and Training Manager Scouts Unitaires de France

Boost'RH's support for our CSE elections was a perfect fit. Everything is personalized and turnkey. Véronique was invaluable, always ready to listen and answer all my questions without delay. The great plus: a little email or phone call to remind me of deadlines, check up on me etc... Many thanks!

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Luis MONTEIRO Luis MONTEIRO HSE Coordinator I-CARE France

To set up our CSE for our 60 French employees, we called on Boost'RH Groupe, who were responsive, available and professional from the outset. The support provided by Véronique R. was invaluable in setting up and running this election. Demonstrating pedagogy on all applicable rules and in the completion of each step of the process. We recommend the services of Boost'RH Groupe.

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Philippe KTORZA Philippe KTORZA Headmaster B&K Experts

Very serious and responsive company, great know-how, I recommend 100%.

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Didier CLARET Didier CLARET President CLARET Canada

I appreciated the quick and complete understanding of our issues. We were fully satisfied with the synthesis and the solutions provided.

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Pascal LE MEUR Pascal LE MEUR General secretary S2FIT1 (Subsidiary SNCF) in Paris (75)

S2FIT1, real estate company of the SNCF Group. BOOST’RH understood our specifications, which enabled us to entrust them with the mission. The scope was clear, the interviews well targeted and the deliverables up to expectations. Competence at the rendezvous.

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