Recruitment of a Labor Lawyer

Support in the recruitment of a lawyer in employment law

Recruit your Employment Lawyer (M/F)

Within your company, you wish to replace an employee or create a new position of Employment Lawyer (M/F)

As a recruitment agency specialising in Human Resources, Boost’RH Groupe can help you recruit your future Employment Lawyer (M/F).

Together with our HR sourcing team, we will conduct a precise search for candidates who meet the requirements for the job of Employment Lawyer (M/F).

Then our HR recruiters will check, during the qualification and recruitment interviews, whether the candidates’ personal skills match your company’s values.

Finally, good sourcing and careful selection are not enough to ensure employee loyalty. That is why we will check the candidates’ ability to integrate and their pleasure in working in your company. This willingness to integrate must be reciprocal, which is why our coaches will enjoy accompanying your teams.

Because every word has its importance, to make it easier for you to define and write the job description of a Labour Lawyer (M/F), we have prepared the main tasks of a Labour Lawyer.

In constant contact with the company’s HR department and employees, the Employment Lawyer is the essential link in ensuring compliance with social legislation and keeping a legal watch.

What are the tasks of the Employment Lawyer ?

Reporting to the Human Resources Department, the main tasks of the Employment Lawyer are to guarantee the compliance of the application of agreements and the respect of social legislation for the whole company.

The Employment Lawyer contributes to the quality of social dialogue in the company. They put their legal knowledge into practice, while seeking legal solutions adapted to each situation.

The Employment Lawyer has the following main tasks

Operational activities :

  • Acting as an expert in all matters relating to social law;
  • Provide operational advice and legal assistance, in particular on contractual aspects, working time, management, disciplinary matters and application of agreements;
  • Ensure the legal monitoring of changes in social regulations and assess the potential impact on the company;
  • As a legal expert, take charge of transversal projects that accompany the development and evolution of the company;
  • Preparing, monitoring and handling litigation files in close collaboration with the law firms;
  • Securing contractual disciplinary files and industrial tribunal disputes;
  • Participate in Staff Representative Bodies: preparation, participation in IRP meetings, drafting of collective agreements;
  • Participating in negotiations and monitoring the application of the various company agreements;
  • Disseminate agreements and ensure the proper application of company agreements by providing appropriate information to the parties concerned (employees, HR, etc.);
  • Monitor updates to current agreements
  • Coordinate and ensure the transmission of the various HR reporting documents to the IRP

Consulting activities:

  • Carry out permanent and proactive legal monitoring: impact of legislative changes on current agreements and procedures;
  • Monitor the various developments likely to influence the company in terms of labour law and formalise all the information gathered
  • Raise awareness among all those who may be affected
  • Implementing communication adapted to legal developments (at HR department and company level)
  • Adapting and bringing all the media used (employment contract, rider, certificate, intranet, etc.) into line with legal developments.

(The tasks indicated above are not exhaustive, each company will adapt the position to its organisation and needs).

What are the skills required of an Employment Lawyer ?

The profession of Employment Lawyer requires above all a taste for interpreting texts and their applications. The Employment Lawyer must take into account the letter and the spirit of the law.

The Employment Lawyer must advise and alert the HRD on compliance with the legal texts in Employment Law, their interpretation and their application.

The Employment Lawyer also supports and advises the HRD in its relations with the social partners, IRP, CSE and during negotiations.

Finally, it also manages social disputes and relations with lawyers in labour law and industrial tribunal cases.

How to become an Employment Lawyer ?

To become an Employment Lawyer, it is necessary to have trained as an Employment Lawyer, mainly in law school.

What is the salary for a Labour Lawyer ?

An Employment Lawyer after 3 to 5 years of payroll management, starts between 40 k€ and 45 k€ gross per year and aspires to a salary between 55 and 60 k€ after 10 years of expertise.

The salary differs according to the size and the sector of activity of the company.

The salary of an Employment Lawyer should not be confused with that of a Legal Director for large organisations, which covers a much wider legal scope.

What are the career prospects for an Employment Lawyer ?

The Employment Lawyer often evolves in a larger structure, with an increase in the complexity of the situations to be managed, to a position of Legal Director or to a position of Head of Social Relations.

The Employment Lawyer may also choose to join a law firm or a large accounting firm.

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