Recruitment of a Social Management Controller

Support in Recruitment of a Social Management Controller

Recruit your Social Management Controller (M/F)

Within your company, you wish to replace an employee or create a new position of Social Management Controller

As a recruitment agency specialising in the Human Resources function, Boost’RH Groupe can help you recruit your future Social Management Controller.

Together with our HR sourcing team, we will carry out a precise search for candidates who meet the requirements of the Social Controller job.

Then our HR recruiters will check, during the qualification and recruitment interviews, whether the candidates’ personal skills match your company’s values.

Finally, good sourcing and careful selection are not enough to ensure employee loyalty. That is why we will check the candidates’ ability to integrate and their pleasure in working in your company. This willingness to integrate must be reciprocal, which is why our coaches will enjoy accompanying your teams.

Because every word has its importance, to make it easier for you to define and write up the job of HR Research Officer, we have prepared the main tasks of a Social Management Controller.

What are the tasks of the Social Management Controller ?

The main role of the Social Management Controller (SMC), also known as the HR Research Officer, is to put people at the heart of the statistics. It enables human resources to propose concrete actions to improve HR management. However, the job of the SMC should not be confused with that of the management controller, who is responsible for the financial management of the company.

More concretely, the tasks of a Social Management Controller consist of :

  • Collect information on the company’s payroll (time management, strikes, mobility, turnover, absenteeism, etc.),
  • Carry out monthly data reporting,
  • Drawing up compulsory documents: social report, compulsory annual declaration of employment of disabled workers, NAO, etc,
  • To propose actions to human resources to improve the management of the wage bill,
  • Calculate the costs of the HR policy.

What skills are required for a Social Management Controller ?

As the job of Social Management Controller involves frequent use of statistics, the candidate is required to have a perfect knowledge of this technique, as well as a strong taste for figures.

Working in constant contact with human resources, it is important for this professional to know how to communicate and to have good interpersonal skills in order to transmit the information collected. In addition, the HR Research Officer must have a well-developed analytical mind to organise tables and data. They are also required to have a perfect command of Excel software and human resources management information systems (HRIS).

How to become a Social Management Controller ?

The job of Social Management Controller has existed for fifty years. However, there has been a peak in recruitment since the early 2000s. In general, successful candidates have a five-year university degree obtained after the following training:

  • Master in Social Controlling,
  • Master’s degree in statistics or econometrics,
  • Engineering school with a focus on statistics,
  • Master’s degree in human resources management,
  • Business school,
  • IEP with a specialisation in human resources.

However, Social Management Controller positions are rarely filled immediately after graduation. A first professional experience of 2 to 5 years as a human resources researcher or recruitment manager is generally required.

What is the salary for a Social Management Controller ?

At the beginning of their career, as a young executive, a Social Management Controller can expect to earn between €35 and €45K gross per year. With experience, a senior manager can earn a gross annual salary of between €45 and €60K.

What are the career prospects for a Social Management Controller ?

After several years of experience, Social Controllers may consider continuing their career as a Training Manager, HR Development Manager or Human Resources Director.

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