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Recruit your Recruitment Manager (M/F)

Within your company, you wish to replace an employee or create a new position of Recruitment Manager (M/F)

As a recruitment agency specialising in Human Resources, Boost’RH Groupe can help you recruit your future Recruitment Manager (M/F).

Together with our HR sourcing team, we will carry out a precise search for candidates who meet the requirements of the Recruitment Manager (M/F) job.

Then our HR recruiters will check, during the qualification and recruitment interviews, whether the candidates’ personal skills match your company’s values.

Finally, good sourcing and careful selection are not enough to ensure employee loyalty. That is why we will check the candidates’ ability to integrate and their pleasure in working in your company. This willingness to integrate must be reciprocal, which is why our coaches will enjoy accompanying your teams.

Because every word has its importance, to make it easier for you to define and write the job of Recruitment Manager (M/F), we have prepared the main tasks of a Recruitment Manager.

In constant contact with the company’s general management and employees, the Recruitment Manager is the essential link in ensuring a good social climate. Below you will find details of the main tasks he/she carries out.

What are the tasks of the Recruitment Manager ?

The development of a company depends to a large extent on the skills of its employees. In order to find the talent necessary for the company’s development, one person is responsible for managing the company’s recruitment function. This is the Recruitment Manager. This person selects the best profiles according to the need by applying the company’s recruitment policy.

Reporting to the Human Resources Department, the Recruitment Manager ensures the recruitment of vacant positions within the company.

His/her function is important because the Recruitment Manager is responsible for recruiting employees who are both competent and motivated. He or she must first define the profile with the operational staff who are recruiting, and then look for a profile that matches the characteristics of the position, both technically and in terms of behaviour (hard and soft skills).

To do this, the Recruitment Manager uses various channels to find candidates, such as traditional advertisements, sourcing, social networks, direct approach or now Artificial Intelligence with its search robots.

The Recruitment Manager then selects the applications on the basis of criteria defined with the hierarchy and interviews the candidates.

The Recruitment Manager participates in the development of a recruitment policy in line with the company’s development priorities.

To assist him/her, the Recruitment Manager may have to manage a team of one or more Recruitment Officers.

What are the skills required of a Recruitment Manager?

The Recruitment Manager must have a good global vision of the company’s organisation and understand its businesses in order to understand the company’s needs in terms of recruitment.

His/her qualities will be rigour, curiosity and psychology. The incumbent will also have to be attentive to the company’s expectations and have good communication skills.

He or she will have to market the company to attract the most suitable candidates. The Recruitment Manager must also have an acute sense of judgement to avoid “deception”. The job requires a good command of IT tools and the use of social networks.

Finally, managerial skills will be required for all positions requiring team management.

How to become a Recruitment Manager ?

To become a Recruitment Manager, it is preferable to have a degree of Bac + 5.

A master’s degree in Human Resources Management (HRM) or a master’s degree in work, organisational and personnel psychology is also a prerequisite for this position.

Some good profiles also come from employees with analytical and psychological skills with a lot of experience in recruiting a wide range of profiles.

What is the salary for a Payroll Recruitment Manager ?

The salary of a Recruitment Manager starts at around €35,000 gross per year. It depends on the size and scope of the company. Positions requiring international recruitment with a command of foreign languages and cultures are much more highly paid. The same applies to recruitment for very strategic positions with high added value.

Actuellement, ce poste dispose d’une forte valeur ajoutée. La demande étant forte, les rémunérations tendent à augmenter. En fin de carrière, un Responsable du Recrutement ayant une équipe à manager peut atteindre 70 à 90 k€ brut par an.

What are the career prospects for a Recruitment Manager?

In general, the recruitment manager may aspire to become an HR Development Manager which is a broader position.

In some cases, he or she may also become the company’s internal mobility manager.

He or she may also choose to join a hunting or recruitment firm as a Recruitment Consultant, Sales Representative or Manager of the firm.

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