Interim management: an asset for companies

More and more companies in the transformation phase are using the skills of interim human resources managers.

What is an interim manager?

Interim managers are human resources experts able to intervene in various areas: payroll and personnel administration, social, legal or internal communication matters. Very popular with SMEs and mid-cap companies, they must meet a specific need of a company in different contexts:

  • crisis management
  • recovery from critical situations
  • performance improvement
  • relay management (replacement of HRD)
  • redeployment and restructuring
  • merger and acquisition

In France, the number of HR managers on interim assignments continues to grow. They are mainly found in industry, a sector which represents 60% of projects. The remaining 40% is shared between services and distribution. *

Why call on a transitional HRD?

More men in the field than advisers, the interim human resources directors are above all engaged in action. They do not limit themselves to the methodology but make every effort to fulfill their objectives.

Aged on average 53 years, HR transition managers come after a busy career thanks to which they have acquired solid expertise. They are integrated into the staff of companies, unlike the consultant who remains external.

They are able to manage an increase or a decrease in activity, or even projects with significant social consequences (which can therefore cause staff concern). Confronted with urgent problems, their effectiveness depends on the speed of implementation of their solutions.

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* Source: National Federation of Interim Management .