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Recruit your Recruitment Officer (M/F)

Within your company, you wish to replace an employee or create a new position of Recruitment Officer (M/F)

As a recruitment agency specialising in Human Resources, Boost’RH Groupe can help you recruit your future Recruitment Officer (M/F).

With our HR sourcing team, we will conduct a precise search for candidates who meet the requirements of the Recruitment Officer (M/F) job.

Then our HR recruiters will check, during qualification and recruitment interviews, that the candidates’ personal skills match your company’s values.

Finally, good sourcing and careful selection are not enough to ensure employee loyalty. That is why we will check the candidates’ ability to integrate and their pleasure in working for your company. This willingness to integrate must be reciprocal, which is why our coaches will enjoy accompanying your teams.

Because every word has its importance, to make it easier for you to define and write the job of Recruitment Officer (M/F), we have prepared the main tasks of a Recruitment Officer.

What are the tasks of the Recruitment Officer ?

Targeting a profile that meets the company’s needs, writing and distributing the job advert, selecting and interviewing candidates – these are the main tasks of the Recruitment Officer.

The recruitment officer intervenes at all stages of the recruitment process with one main objective: to find the ideal candidate for a company.

The main task of the Recruitment Officer, within his or her company or a company specialising in recruitment, is to recruit staff who meet the company’s needs. This professional is involved in the various stages of the recruitment process. In collaboration with the Human Resources Director and internal clients, he or she defines the candidate’s profile. This is done according to the company’s needs, the tasks of the position to be filled, and a search strategy (sourcing).

Once the analysis and synthesis have been completed, the Recruitment Officer drafts and distributes the job advertisement on various media: general and specialised job sites (or job boards), the written press, social networks, etc. At the same time, he/she searches for suitable profiles on specialised sites, schools, etc.

After receiving the CVs, the Recruitment Officer selects the most interesting ones, contacts the candidates and organises interviews. Skills, motivation, experience and salary expectations are all elements that this professional must consider in order to select the best profile for the company.

After the selection, he/she must also provide feedback and analysis of the recruitment process: summary, analysis of the candidates, any difficulties encountered, etc. At the same time, the Recruitment Officer may be present at various student and job fairs, and ensure regular monitoring in order to build up a database of potential candidates.

What are the skills required of a Recruitment Officer?

The Recruitment Officer must be able to select the profile that best meets the company’s expectations and needs from among numerous applications. This requires great interpersonal and communication skills, but also impartiality. To the same end, listening, observation and analysis skills are required to target the best possible candidate. As they receive a large number of CVs and have to sort them out, the Recruitment Officer must be rigorous and, above all, organised.

Finally, it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of the organisation and operation of the company, both from an economic point of view and from the sector of activity. Mastery of approach and interview techniques is obviously required.

How to become a Recruitment Officer ?

The job of Recruitment Officer is accessible from an education at Bac +3 level, from :

  • a Master’s degree in human resources,
  • a Master’s degree in work, organisation and personnel psychology,
  • a business school with a general management, business management or human resources option,
  • an Institute of Political Studies (IEP) with a human resources option.

What is the salary for a Recruitment Officer ?

A newly qualified recruitment officer can expect to earn between €25 and €30k gross per annum, depending on the region and the company they work for. An experienced executive can expect to earn between €40 and €50K gross per year.

What are the career prospects for a Recruitment Officer ?

After several years of experience, the Recruitment Officer (M/F) can hope to evolve and take on more responsibilities, in particular as a Recruitment Manager, Internal Mobility Manager, HR Development Manager or, later, Human Resources Manager (HRM).

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