Recruitment of a Research Officer

Support in Recruitment of a Research Officer

Recruit your Research Manager (M/F)

Au sein de votre entreprise, vous souhaitez remplacer un collaborateur ou créer un nouveau poste de Chargé de recherche (H/F)

As a recruitment agency specialising in Human Resources, Boost’RH Groupe can assist you in recruiting your future Research Manager (M/F).

With our HR sourcing team, we will conduct a precise search for candidates who meet the requirements of the Research Manager (M/F) job.

Then our HR recruiters will check during the qualification and recruitment interviews that the candidates’ personal skills match your company’s values.

Finally, good sourcing and careful selection are not enough to ensure employee loyalty. That is why we will check the candidates’ ability to integrate and their pleasure in working for your company. This willingness to integrate must be reciprocal, which is why our coaches will enjoy accompanying your teams.

Because every word has its importance, to make it easier for you to define and write up the job of Research Officer (M/F), we have prepared the main tasks of a Research Officer.

What are the tasks of the Research Officer?

The Search Officer (in recruitment) is the one who is responsible for identifying and establishing a list of candidates for a position. He/she ensures that the selected profiles correspond to the specifications. He/she therefore approaches potential candidates and organises the interviews conducted by the consultant.

The Research Officer will be responsible for :

  • Search for potential candidates matching a job profile,
  • Presenting the main tasks, challenges and job profile to the candidate,
  • Conducting a telephone qualification,
  • Write a report on the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses for the position,
  • Conducting research on multiple sources of candidates,
  • Report on the progress of the assignment,

To this end, the Research Officer will have the skills in :

  • Construction of a hunting plan,
  • Techniques for identifying the position sought,
  • Implementation of hunting scenarios (targeting/identification/contacting of potential candidates),
  • Development and distribution of an advertisement and adaptation to the medium,
  • Telephone interview techniques,
  • Use (supply and query) of a candidate database,
  • Documentary research (media, Internet, professional journals, etc.)

What are the skills required of a Research Officer ?

The Research Officer is the one who often makes the first approach to a potential candidate. This is why they must be clear and concise, but also master telephone interview techniques and have a good sense of communication. Responsible for designing an advertisement and adapting it to the various media, the Research Officer must also be at ease in writing.

How to become a Research Officer?

The position of Recruitment Research Officer is open to beginners. However, they must have a minimum of three years’ higher education with a specialisation in human sciences, whether in sociology, psychology, human resources or business management.

What salary for a Research Officer ?

An entry-level Research Officer who has just graduated can expect to earn between €25 and €40K gross per annum, depending on the region and the company in which they work.

What are the career prospects for a Research Officer ?

After a few years, the Research Officer may move on to become a Recruitment Officer. He or she may also take on more responsibility, in particular as a Recruitment Manager, Internal Mobility Manager, HR Development Manager or, later, Human Resources Manager (HRM).

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