Recruitment of an internal communications manager

Recruitment support for an internal communication manager

Recruit your Internal Communications Manager (M/F)

Within your company, you wish to replace an employee or create a new position of Internal Communication Manager (M/F)

As a recruitment agency specialising in Human Resources, Boost’RH Groupe can help you recruit your future Internal Communications Manager (M/F).

Together with our HR sourcing team, we will conduct an accurate search for candidates who meet the requirements of the Internal Communications Manager (M/F) job.

Then our HR recruiters will check, during the qualification and recruitment interviews, whether the candidates’ personal skills match your company’s values.

Finally, good sourcing and careful selection are not enough to ensure employee loyalty. That is why we will check the candidates’ ability to integrate and their pleasure in working in your company. This willingness to integrate must be reciprocal, which is why our coaches will enjoy accompanying your teams.

Because every word has its importance, to make it easier for you to define and write the job of Internal Communications Manager (M/F), we have prepared the main tasks of an Internal Communications Manager.

What are the tasks of the Internal Communications Manager ?

The Internal Communication Manager’s mission is to relay the company’s strategy to its employees, to support change and to promote the company’s image and values internally.

The main activities of the Internal Communications Manager are :

Framing and monitoring of the internal communication plan

  • To implement the company’s overall communication plan internally in conjunction with the General Manager and the HR Department.
  • Advising the company’s general management on the deployment of change projects or the implementation of crisis communication (definition of validation processes, reaction times, etc.).
  • Setting the main lines of social communication (training, corporate culture, etc.) in collaboration with the Human Resources Department and the functional departments (marketing, sales, etc.).
  • Define the targets of communication actions. Make proposals on the choice of messages and means of dissemination.
  • Monitor the achievements and best practices of other companies.

Development of content, media and internal communication tools

  • Coordinate and participate in the writing of the company’s internal newspaper (monthly, bi-monthly, etc.).
  • Inform employees about the daily news of the company and its environment through press reviews or “flashes” (mailings, newsletters, internal mail, etc.).
  • Develop the welcome kit for new recruits (CD-Rom, brochure presenting the company and its activities, etc.).
  • Managing the content of the company’s intranet site on a daily basis (uploading reports, videos, photos, sections, etc.) and making proposals to the HRD on developments (functionalities, ergonomics, etc.).
  • Conducting interviews with the various categories of staff, making thematic reports, in order to highlight jobs, promotions, successes and internal achievements.
  • Develop and/or design new internal communication materials (leaflets, brochures, goodies, etc.).
  • Supervise the design and production phases of the various online and offline media by managing external service providers (communication agencies, digital agencies, printers, etc.).
  • Designing indicators to provide information on the evolution of the company’s social climate (internal awareness barometer, satisfaction surveys, studies, etc.).

Organisation of internal events

  • Planning and carrying out communication upstream (posters, invitations, etc.) and downstream of operations (acknowledgements, summaries, information campaigns, etc.).
  • Unite specific categories of employees (young executives, managers, sales people, etc.) by organising conventions, seminars and days to promote team cohesion.
  • Designing events (gala evenings, trips, etc.) related to special moments in the life of the company (anniversaries, mergers and acquisitions, crisis periods, general meetings, etc.).
  • Oversee the implementation of annual conventions that allow the company’s project to be multiplied at its various levels (general management, middle management, etc.).
  • Organise recruitment events for new recruits (induction days, job discovery courses, meetings with managers, etc.) in conjunction with the head of recruitment (or school relations).
  • Researching innovative concepts and venues in conjunction with the agencies and service providers responsible for producing the events.

What are the skills required of an Internal Communications Manager ?

The Internal Communication Officer must have the following professional skills :

  • Diplomacy, because the Head of Internal Communication is often at the heart of divergent or even antagonistic interests,
  • Listening and adaptability, as he/she must be able to understand and respond to all the problems posed by the company’s management (general management, functional management, etc.),
  • Creativity and ability to innovate in order to find powerful arguments and new concepts to enhance the role of internal communication in the company,
  • Dynamism and enthusiasm, because the Internal Communications Manager is a network leader who is constantly called upon by a wide variety of players,
  • Organisational skills and a sense of priorities, as the Internal Communications Manager often has to work in a hurry to complete a file, an article, an event..,
  • Precision, a sense of service and results, because the Internal Communications Manager is responsible for the image of his or her contacts, which he or she promotes internally and which he or she presents on different media (posters, videos, web, paper, etc.).

How to become an Internal Communications Manager?

To become an Internal Communications Manager, the following qualifications are often required :

  • Higher education in schools specialising in communication (Celsa, École supérieure de la communication…),
  • Generalist higher education such as IEP or business school with, ideally, a specialisation in marketing communication,
  • University education from Bac +2 (DUT, licence…) to Bac +4 (master…) in languages, literature, arts, human sciences… with a specialisation in communication (specialised master, master 2…) or in HR communication.

What is the salary for an Internal Communications Manager ?

An Internal Communications Manager can expect to earn between 30 and 55 K€ gross per year, depending on experience, region and company.

What are the career prospects for an Internal Communications Manager ?

The position of Internal Communications Manager is a stepping stone to a position in Human Resources, after training, as Skills Development Manager or HRBP.

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