Employer brand in recruitment to attract talent

The Employer Brand, a concept to attract talent

In a context of increased competition with the explosion of the Internet bubble in the early 2000s, this concept quickly became a key issue for HRD and Sourcing and recruiting managers In the enterprises.

The employer brand , corresponds to the techniques of brand management (Marketing) applied to the human resources management of the company.

It is the meeting of four dimensions of your company: the attractiveness, reputation, commitment of your employees, and differentiation.

A good “ Employer brand reconciles “perceived image”, “desired image” and “lived image”. It is a living representation, far from a fixed concept or disconnected from the corporate strategy since the Employer Brand allows:
– attract the best talents in line with your business,
– to retain them by strengthening their commitment,
– to optimize the corporate image of your company, entrusts us Sandrine POPOVITCH , a employer brand expert.

It allows HRD and hiring managers to attract talents much more easily.

If the approach is attractive, it is not necessarily always easy! Indeed, looking at your employer brand means first of all accepting to understand who your company really is, beyond preconceived ideas or appearances, (re) defining its values collectively (and then embodying them by translating them in managerial practices!), base its internal and external communication on transparency and authenticity and make its employees its best ambassadors!

This work is often entrusted to Human Resources Departments , not always comfortable on this subject. HR consultants who are experts in the employer brand sometimes work with these companies to support them during a mission.

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