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Interview with Philippe CAQUET

More and more articles, lectures and presentations are devoted to HRD part-time . But who exactly is he. We questioned Philippe CAQUET Founder Associate of Boost’RH Group so that he explains to us his vision of Human Resources part-time .

How does this idea of HRD part-time has it come to you?

I spent the entire first part of my career in HR , having been HRD for 25 years in subsidiaries of large International Groups (Lagardère, Kering, Sanofi, Gucci, Perstorp, Daimler Benz, etc.). At the same time, for 15 years, I had the chance to sit as President of the Hearing at the Conseil des Prud’hommes. I became aware during my three mandates that VSEs / SMEs needed support Operational HR , flexible and timeshare. It was over 10 years ago, so I created Boost’RH Group to overcome this need, and propose the new concept of HRD part-time .

What are the missions of a timeshare HRD?

You talk about assignments of a time-sharing HRD , it was the offer that Boost’RH Group offered 5 years ago, now we offer a flexible offer according to the customer’s need.

  • You are an SME with 30 employees and you need a HR managing your payroll , your employment contracts, and your legal and administrative obligations, we will delegate a Payroll and Personnel Administration Manager . For 2 or 3 half days per month he will ensure all HR administrative missions (payroll control, declarations, employment contract, contractual termination, professional interviews, organization of elections, preparation of CSE meetings, etc.). It will secure the legal obligations of the Manager, and will support him, his managers and his employees on HR issues.
  • You are a fast-growing start-up and want outsource the HR function to devote yourself more to the development of your business. We provide you with a RRH (Human resources manager ) in timeshare which will manage the entire HR function : Payroll and Personnel Administration , Recruitment , Training , Skill developpement , Coaching individual or team, Social relations CSE …. This RRH will intervene 3, or 4 half-days per month alongside the Manager and his employees.
  • You are an SME of 40 employees with a strong development plan within three years, requiring to develop the company and its skills, we offer you the experience of a HRD confirmed who, after a diagnosis of the HR situation , will advise the Manager and his Management Committee in the construction of a HR policy . It will thus modestly contribute to the development of the company by acting on levers that create efficiency, performance and motivation among employees.
  • Finally, you are a large International Group, with a whole HR team available to you, but you have to manage, for a limited period, a small branch in a remote area. You will search a timeshare HR director , who are familiar with large International Groups and complex political contexts, will have to manage the HR component of this subsidiary, under the directives of the Group HR Director .

You see that there is not a HRD in timeshare , but a whole HR team according to the specific needs of the client. I prefer to talk about HR in timeshare , I find the term more accurate?

Professional and specialist in the function, this time-sharing HR is supported at Boost’RH Group by HR experts , which accompany it on very specific subjects: I will simply give the example of labor lawyer , of the’Payroll Auditor , of Recruiter , of Coach or Head of Psychosocial Risk Prevention .

Ultimately, it is not a time-shared HRD who is dedicated to the client, but a whole structured HR team that can intervene according to the client’s changing needs.

Who is affected by the services of a timeshare HRD?

We have already partially addressed this point, any company that does not have the size, the means or the needs to recruit a full-time HR: the start-up in creation which seeks to recruit its 1st employee, the TPE of 10 employees who need to create the HR function, the SME of 30 employees who outsource the HR function , and companies with more than 50 employees looking for HR skills without having to hire a full-time employee.

In addition, our ability to respond very quickly to customer requests allows companies to quickly take the right decisions, but it should be noted that the relevance of our advice certainly comes from our expertise, but also from the perfect knowledge of the context, of the company and its employees.

What does a timeshare HR manager cost?

A HR in timeshare must generate savings for the company and not cost. I may surprise you by my words, but when you reduce your legal budget and that of your recruitments, when your work stoppages and absenteeism decrease and your employees are calm, motivated and positive, you save money, even if you pay a HR in timeshare 2 to 4 half-days per month.

Of course, this approach is not scientific, because we cannot measure the width of the smile of motivated employees, but it is verified economically from year to year.

But to answer your question precisely, a time-sharing HR service costs on average less than 100 € HT per month and per employee.

You offer interventions of a few half-days per month. Is it sufficient ?

Yes, experience has proven it to us. Our HR are experienced, and supported by our experts, manage 6 to 8 clients in parallel. To do this, they must have a great capacity for organization, be efficient, responsive and adapt quickly. These qualities are not given to everyone.

What is the future of timeshare HRD?

The future is looking bright, and more and more this flexible, agile and very operational model is appealing. It makes sense in a changing society that needs to adapt as quickly as possible to a changing environment, and that with great flexibility. It’s a way of working that has evolved a lot over the past 10 years and that continues to change every day.

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The 14/11/2017

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