Restoring the collective work after the pandemic linked to covid-19: a major challenge!

The unprecedented context of the crisis linked to covid-19 dived many companies teleworking during a few months imposing at the same time a remote management . Since the on-site takeover of certain employees, one observation has been made: that of a partial or total disengagement! The role of the company is now to re-engage them. How should she go about it? What lessons can be learned from this very special period? Explanations!

After covid-19: generalized shortness of breath!

Following the twists and turns due to the covid-19 pandemic, it is more essential than ever to bring teams together and strengthen the cohesion of employees to motivate them again! Indeed, teleworking, remote management, reconciliation with personal life : this was the situation for many employees for several months. The world of work has been turned upside down as have management methods, and they have had to adapt.

At the time of the recovery on site for some employees, even if it has been proven that they have recovered, it was not without difficulty! Sometimes social ties have deteriorated. Indeed, the epidemic crisis has heavily impacted social relations and leaves a building site that it is imperative to rebuild .

In addition, the physical and psychological distance has led to a decrease in motivation and some employees have found themselves or are still currently in psychological distress. Therefore, their morale must be one of the priorities for the human resources department in particular. It is therefore necessary to show kindness and agility because their mind is always occupied by the fear of being sick but also by professional fears after covid-19.

HR strategy: make employees actors in the transformation of the company!

How to find a collective dynamic and guarantee the motivation and efficiency of employees? An objective that belongs to the human resources department, but not only! Indeed, everyone must be involved for the company to restart slowly but surely.

The first step is to draw commitments from this new crisis, but also to collect feelings and state of mind both at the individual and collective level before setting up a “new” organization. A debriefing of the situation is mandatory: take stock of weaknesses, strengths but also on everyone’s expectations in order to get off on the right foot and collectively advance the company. It is not for the moment not won in advance!

In addition, it is essential to thank all staff for their commitment throughout the crisis and beyond. The organization of a team-building can be an example, while respecting the barrier gestures of course! Indeed, the current context is anxiety-provoking and everyone has to learn to get to know their “former colleagues” again.

But also, it goes through “more human” messages in communications within the company. It is essential to recall from time to time, the culture and values of the company. For some of them, it won’t do them any harm! This undoubtedly requires effective and constructive social dialogue. The reorganization of interpersonal links is also essential and a climate of trust must also be put in place! Every business must focus on “communication at any scale”.

In addition, it is imperative to give meaning to individual action to re-motivate teams because the more the company gives meaning to the action of its employees, the more they will want to get involved! The sense of the collective must be honored.

Finally, in a crisis so impacting for employees, particularly in terms of social interactions, it is essential to strengthen tools and technologies. Companies must innovate and open up to new tools, for example by relying on collaborative social networks.

Towards the creation of a “reinvented company”?

The epidemic crisis linked to covid-19 is an opportunity to reflect on future changes in terms of work mode to create tomorrow a reinvented company !

Businesses must not pretend nothing has happened and must engage with changes. They have the opportunity to reinvent their organization, their model, their values sometimes and for some of them, their culture. It is therefore now or never to build, to rebuild but also to be innovative!

Particular attention must therefore be paid to the quality of the digital environment because digital technology has played a considerable role in the survival and development of companies in recent months. It would be interesting, for example, to use collaborative software in SaaS mode as well as videoconferencing tools.

In addition, the latter must also intervene in management! Indeed, it is imperative to adjust remote management by “reinventing” the way of working to come out of the covid-19 crisis. Face-to-face and teleworking , the main objective being to support employees while focusing on transparency and access to information for all. It seems that it is essential to rethink the management of companies to maintain team cohesion by working together to achieve real value.

Also, it is also necessary to rethink the business environment and give meaning to each mission. What will be the next choices? What should we move towards? And for that, the reflection must be collective!

Finally, in order to reinvent work and therefore the company, it is imperative to surround yourself with “the right people”. Indeed, it becomes necessary to rely on active, responsible and autonomous employees and no longer surround themselves with demotivated people fleeing work.

Ultimately, the situation we are all going through today is an opportunity to question companies and organizations. The human resources department realizes that he must be open. He must also show discernment, encourage commitment and above all seek a link. However, telecommuting as it is defined today, does it allow optimum teamwork? To be continued …

If you need advice, on a new work organization to rethink , Or on the establishment of a charter or agreement on teleworking , feel free to Contact us .

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If you need advice, on a new work organization to rethink , feel free to Contact us .

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