Download the National Sanitary Protocol for the Reconfinement of October 29, 2020


We provide you with the new national health protocol , applicable in companies within the framework of the new containment implemented from October 30, 2020 .

For efficiency, we have prepared the summary below of the main measures to be implemented:

Teleworking must be the rule for all activities that allow it. In this context, the working time performed remotely is increased to 100% for employees who can perform all of their tasks remotely.
The Government wants massive recourse to teleworking 5 days a week. We remind you that in principle the methods of performing remote work are provided for by a company agreement or a Charter on teleworking. In companies that do not yet have such support, it is recommended to communicate with the employees concerned in order to specify the methods of controlling working time or regulating the workload and the time slots during which the employer can usually contact the employee by teleworking.

– In other cases, the organization of work must make it possible to reduce commuting and to adjust the time spent in the company, to reduce social interactions , and finally smooth the departure and arrival times of the employee in order to limit crowds during peak hours.
Companies will also have to provide employees going to their place of work proof of business travel .

– The audio or videoconference meetings should be the rule and face-to-face meetings the exception.

– The employer continues to carry out a regular reminder of systematic compliance with hygiene and distancing rules .

– The employer must also inform the employee of the existence of the application “ AllAntiCovid and the interest of its activation during working hours.

– Also remember to link with your CSE and update the Single occupational risk assessment document ! (in particular v / v of the prevention of risks linked to the isolation of teleworking employees)
Companies are required to update their DUERP to take into account the risk linked to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, as well as the psycho-social risks linked to the possible isolation of their teleworking employees.
This update will make it possible to demonstrate that these risks are taken into account, and will help prevent possible liability of the company in the event of an action for recognition of inexcusable fault on the part of an employee who is the victim of an occupational disease recognized on the job. one of these two foundations.

Additional information on partial activity:

For companies that are eligible for the partial activity mechanism, it is now possible to reopen a file with effect from Friday, October 30, 2020 on the website of the ASP .
The Minister of Labor announced that the decrease in the level of compensation for the system common law which was initially supposed to take place from 1 November (excluding protected sectors) would be postponed and that the current level of compensation would be maintained until December 31, 2020 .
Companies are currently reimbursed by the State up to 60% of the gross salary of the employee placed in partial activity, within the limit of 4.5 SMIC, and this coverage rises to 100% for employees. sectors subject to specific legislative or regulatory restrictions due to the health crisis. The Prime Minister also indicated during his speech to the National Assembly on Thursday, October 29 that for all sectors subject to administrative closure, “we are implementing partial activity with zero charge for the employer ”: the list of sectors benefiting from 100% coverage will therefore be extended.

All Boost’RH Groupe teams are at your disposal, to accompany you in this difficult and overloaded period, and wish you good luck in this new stage which, we all hope, will be the last!

Take care of yourself and your loved ones

The Boost’RH Groupe teams