Alès (30100): we offer you an expert HR consultant tailored to your needs

Why is it interesting to rely on a time-shared HR Expert Consultant?

You are an Administrative and Financial Director, your agency is developing rapidly and you must find an Expert HR Consultant who will be at your side

You expect him to provide you with sound advice on personnel management and to take charge of your needs so as to support you effectively.

For over 10 years now, Boost’RH has been supporting growing companies that need more human resources resources.

Your expert HR consultant will be on site only a few days a month, after analyzing your needs.

Many tasks will be managed by your consultant

Monitoring compliance with employment law and personnel management are just a few examples.

But it is also possible to work on the day-to-day management of employees.

It is also able to take charge of more specialized and rare actions, in collaboration with an HR specialist.

When you work with Boost’RH Alès (30100), you benefit from an HR consultant with all the know-how you need.

We strive to satisfy our customers

Our offices are located in the main cities of France, so that we can benefit from a nationwide network to manage all your needs.

Call us for an initial contact with our service department to find out about the opportunities available to you in your preferred region.

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What will be your process and the profile of my part-time HR Expert Consultant?

Help you without replacing you: here is a summary of our mission

Without your approval, no action will be taken

To do this, we need to discover all your immediate and future needs, the strategy you’ve implemented, and what makes your establishment unique.

By asking these questions, we’ll be able to select the right HR consultant for you.

We will ensure that your criteria are taken into account

Practicing human resources management in its entirety, he or she can also manage the functions of HR-HRD-HRM in a semi-presence setting, Payroll and Personnel Administration Manager, HR Assistant, etc.

To provide a seamless service, your consultant will work in tandem with a colleague in the same function.

What’s more, they’ll be able to call on one of our HR specialists for more specific functions (redundancy, recruitment or legal…) if a more specific situation arises.

It is possible that this collaboration will last for many years, thanks to a non-binding commercial contract.

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Tasks taken on by an HR Expert Consultant

Here’s what your HR specialist can do for you:

  • Make sure that all your legal obligations are respected:
    • Perform a diagnosis of your HR needs
    • Manage personnel administration
    • Set up your annual or professional interviews
  • Propose and implement a skills development policy and employee motivation
    • Prepare recruitments and qualify candidates
    • Advise management and managers on HR matters
    • Build loyalty and keep employees motivated
  • Develop HR methods whose goal will be to promote your development
    • Integrate Quality of Life at work
    • Understand employee expectations and propose actions
    • Propose a compensation policy with optimization of social charges

If you would like to ask us your questions, contact us now.

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Customer testimonials at Alès (30100): we offer you an expert HR consultant tailored to your needs

Philippe LEMAIRE Philippe LEMAIRE Head of School RAVAGO in Drusenheim (67)

Since December1, 2018, our business has been sold to a European plastics group. With no HR resources on site, we turned to Boost'RH for support. Boost'RH was very responsive in offering us support within a very short timeframe, and our collaboration with Boost'RH is much appreciated by all our staff. Boost'RH shares its in-depth knowledge of SMEs with us, and is an integral part of our management committee. It's a real source of ideas and a great help in guiding us through this period of transformation. The introduction of the CSE and the negotiation of new agreements were a resounding success thanks to this weekly support, which can be flexibly adjusted to suit the moment. Philippe Caquet, head of Boost'RH, is also ready to listen and help us if we need it. I recommend Boost'RH. for his ability to make proposals, his excellent contacts, his flexibility and his energy.

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Our address at Montpellier :

Notre succursale de Alès est rattachée à notre bureau de Montpellier
Montpellier Optimum
450, Rue Baden Powell
34000 Montpellier

To reach us by phone, we invite you to dial our central number on:

+ 33 (0)1 42 70 97 20

In addition to Alès, our HR timeshares cover the whole of the Gard department, including towns such as Bagnols-sur-Cèze, Beaucaire, Le Vigan, Nîmes, Saint-Denis, Saint-Gilles, Saint-Nazaire and Villeneuve-lès-Avignon. Don’t wait to contact us!