Beaune (21200): we offer you an HR Manager tailored to your needs

Why is it sometimes better to choose a time-sharing HR Manager?

You work as an Administrative Manager, your start-up is growing and your situation requires you to surround yourself with an HR Manager who will stand by your side.

Boost’RH Groupe was created more than 10 years ago, specifically to offer an effective solution to companies in need.

We bring you the availability and HR skills that will help you get off the ground

We provide you with an external HR Expert Consultant, depending on your needs, a few hours a week

You can rely on him for human resources consulting or the development of a motivating compensation and benefits policy.

He will also be responsible for the day-to-day management of staff, whatever their positions.

He is also able to undertake rarer actions, in collaboration with an HR specialist.

The person proposed by Boost’RH Beaune (21200) will have the necessary background to manage all your needs

Our clients are particularly satisfied, and we manage to retain them, to the great pride of our human resources consultants.

You will easily find a firm close to your company because we are established all over the region.

Feel free to take advantage of an initial contact with our service to find out about the opportunities available in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region.

HRD in timeshare
HR Consultants
Outsourcing of Payroll in Paris

Your HR Manager: how will you be assigned?

Assisting you without taking the place of you: this is how we see our presence by your side

Each proposed strategy will be implemented only after your approval.

To do this, we need to know what you need now and in the coming months, and what challenges you face, so that we can give you the opportunity to stand out in your field.

We choose a human resources consultant on the basis of all these factors

We will ensure that your criteria are taken into consideration

In addition, HR, HRD, HRR, Payroll and Personnel Administration Manager, HR Assistant are activities that can be entrusted to him/her.

A second HR consultant will also be ready to intervene to assist yours if the latter could not temporarily make himself available.

More specific HR specialists are always on hand to take care of particular tasks: recruitment, RPS or outplacement…

If you are fully satisfied with the experience of working with this person and wish to continue working with our HR consultant, you sign a commercial contract that you can terminate at any time, but which often lasts for years.

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Missions of an HR Manager

Depending on your expectations, you can, for example, recruit him for:

  • Prepare the necessary skills for 3 years (hiring and promotions)
  • Integrate Quality of Life at work
  • Participate in the sharing of company values
  • Develop a recognition and promotion program
  • Understand employee expectations and propose actions
  • Prepare to propose and implement a Human Resources policy

Are you worried about a particular subject and would like to discuss it with our teams? We will be happy to answer you by phone or e-mail.

Our key numbers for Beaune (21200): we offer you an HR Manager tailored to your needs

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Choose your Timeshare HR Manager

Customer testimonials at Beaune (21200): we offer you an HR Manager tailored to your needs

Clémence CABAL Clémence CABAL Legal and Training Manager Scouts Unitaires de France

Boost'RH's support for our CSE elections was a perfect fit. Everything is personalized and turnkey. Véronique was invaluable, always ready to listen and answer all my questions without delay. The great plus: a little email or phone call to remind me of deadlines, check up on me etc... Many thanks!

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Luis MONTEIRO Luis MONTEIRO HSE Coordinator I-CARE France

To set up our CSE for our 60 French employees, we called on Boost'RH Groupe, who were responsive, available and professional from the outset. The support provided by Véronique R. was invaluable in setting up and running this election. Demonstrating pedagogy on all applicable rules and in the completion of each step of the process. We recommend the services of Boost'RH Groupe.

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Philippe LEMAIRE Philippe LEMAIRE Head of School RAVAGO in Drusenheim (67)

Since December1, 2018, our business has been sold to a European plastics group. With no HR resources on site, we turned to Boost'RH for support. Boost'RH was very responsive in offering us support within a very short timeframe, and our collaboration with Boost'RH is much appreciated by all our staff. Boost'RH shares its in-depth knowledge of SMEs with us, and is an integral part of our management committee. It's a real source of ideas and a great help in guiding us through this period of transformation. The introduction of the CSE and the negotiation of new agreements were a resounding success thanks to this weekly support, which can be flexibly adjusted to suit the moment. Philippe Caquet, head of Boost'RH, is also ready to listen and help us if we need it. I recommend Boost'RH. for his ability to make proposals, his excellent contacts, his flexibility and his energy.

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It's always a pleasure to work with Ariane, who provides me with perfect support in the assignments I entrust to her.

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Philippe KTORZA Philippe KTORZA Headmaster B&K Experts

Very serious and responsive company, great know-how, I recommend 100%.

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Our address at Dijon :

Notre succursale de Beaune est rattachée à notre bureau de Dijon
Espace de Coworking Quatre-Quarts
7 bis, Rue du Chapeau Rouge
21000 Dijon

To reach us by phone, we invite you to dial our central number on:

+ 33 (0)1 42 70 97 20

In addition to Beaune, our timeshare HR teams cover the whole of the Côte-d’Or department, including towns such as Chenôve, Dijon and Montbard. Don’t wait to contact us!