A software publisher struggles to recruit his employees

The client’s problem:

A young start-up which has just exceeded 50 employees thanks to a revolutionary medical application, needs to recruit one employee per week to respond to the success of its product. The HR department is still limited to one person who cannot manage these recruitments. The RRH uses many specialized firms, whose fees are high due to the shortage of skills in this area. In addition, candidates are rare and do not always meet the client’s requirements for knowing how to behave.

The service provided:

Boost’RH Groupe knows the world of software editors well for having carried out several HRD missions as well as the health sector, which makes it easier to hunt down the candidate corresponding exactly to the position or to detect a candidate with the capacity to hold the job. post.

Several extremely targeted pre-recruitment missions were therefore carried out by Boost’RH Groupe for the benefit of this client, with significant success and integration rates.

The benefit for the customer:

Efficiency, time saving and savings.

In addition, not only is the candidate in line with the technical skills of the position, but also with the interpersonal skills and integration capacity required. The client was thus able to develop his business by recruiting the right profiles and responding to the demands of his clients.