A foreign company needs to set up its CSE (Social and Economic Committee)

The client’s problem:

Our client is the French subsidiary of an international group comprising 40 employees. It must set up the CSE before 1 er January 2020, as part of the establishment of the new Staff Representative Bodies.

The service provided:

Our Consultant fully prepared the elections and the establishment of the new CSE (Social and Economic Committee): establishment of the back-planning of the conduct of the elections by electronic votes, production of all the supports necessary for the election of the CSE (communication with unions, pre-electoral memorandum of understanding, communication with employees, etc.)

Our consultant also drafted the Internal Regulations of the CSE and trained the newly elected members of their rights and duties as elected members of the CSE.

The benefit for the customer:

Saving time and securing the elections, in an intense period at the end of the year. He just had to provide us with the list of employees to establish the electoral lists. As the employees voted by electronic votes, our client spared no effort in organizing a Polling Station with Ballot Boxes and Voting Booths and sending postal votes to absent or traveling employees.