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Presentation of our recruitment tools

Which recruitment tests do we use?

After having selected your candidate, you want to secure your choice by psychological tests or professional situation.

How? ‘Or’ What ?

Boost’RH Group offers you the best psychological tests recognized to validate the hiring of your candidates .

Our Psychologists can guide you on the choice of the test they will take the candidate. The recruitment test will be proposed to the candidate, analyzed and will be the subject of a report and a restitution in the form of a telephone meeting with the client but also with the candidate.

What tests are offered?

– ECPA SOSIE Personality Tests : It makes it possible to draw up the profile of a candidate by evaluating both his professional behavior but also his motivation. Thus, it helps the recruiter to verify the match between the characteristics of the position and the professional environment, and the expectations and personality of the individual.

 MBTI test with face-to-face interview in Ile de France: This test makes it possible to define the type of personality to which your candidate / employee belongs, to understand the functioning of his relations with others, the way of thinking and reacting. It allows you to identify the main character traits of your candidate / employee, his perception and his way of doing things.

 Deep Analysis Test : Report detailing the person’s operating mode on 20 traits. It presents its talents, its areas of development, its potential in 15 key skills and covers 8 potential risk factors.

– Key Behavior Test : This type of analysis makes it possible to identify in a synthetic way the behaviors that the candidate favors as well as those that he avoids, this in 12 key areas of life at work. The results are presented in the form of ultra visual matrices.

– Suitability report test : Report presenting the candidate’s profile with a repository of behaviors required for a particular position. This report details the strengths and weaknesses for the position as well as the interview questions.

– Affinity test : Report presenting the professional affinity of a candidate with a future colleague, a manager or an entire team. All people whose professional affinity will be compared to the candidate must have passed the test. This test can also be used within the framework of internal professional mobility.

 Language level tests (depending on the language):

 Office tests (depending on the software):

Depending on the objective to be achieved our occupational psychologist will advise you on the best choice of these recruitment tests .

What do our Graphologies bring you ?

You do not want to take any risks and you want decision support in choosing your candidate, so use, in addition to the interviews, a graphological study precise on the know-how of the candidate.

How? ‘Or’ What ?

Boost’RH Groupe offers you to carry out a graphological study of your candidate from a recent writing on his part.

Our graphologists may, depending on the study of the candidate’s handwriting, give you a psychological profile.

This study, which aims to confirm the face-to-face interview, will be commented on by our Graphologist to check the behavioral aptitude of the candidate to integrate well, and live within the team that will welcome him.

What are our benchmark checks?

To secure your recruitment, we suggest that you conduct reference checks from the former employers of your candidates.

We provide you with verbal feedback to better discuss the results of our checks.

How do we integrate candidates?

Boost’RH Groupe is aware that joining a new company with its rules, practices and operations is not easy.

If onboarding is neglected, even if the candidate fits the job, he will not stay. It is therefore crucial to manage the integration of the candidate.

How? ‘Or’ What ?

Boost’RH Group offer you 3 candidate integration support sessions retained, to which are added a start-up “brief” session with all those concerned and a concluding one.

Knowing perfectly the position and the candidate, Boost’RH Groupe can advise you and support you in the integration of the candidate during his trial period.

It’s our Human resources director , who will accompany you and advise you during this integration period , while guiding the candidate in taking office.

We will therefore be the link between you and the candidate.

What do you have left to do?

To follow our advice, and participate in our regular updates on the integration of the candidate. Your information will complete that collected from the candidate in order to better advise you.

What does our manager / team Coaching bring you?

You need to prepare your team for the arrival of your candidate.

Boost’RH Groupe can support you in coaching his future manager and the future team he will join.

This coaching takes the form of 5 coaching sessions (including two during the trial period) to which is added a session of “ brief »Start with all concerned and a conclusion.

This coaching will allow your manager to be more comfortable in his daily management and will facilitate the team cohesion and its adhesion to the new hire.

Through this coaching you promote integration and develop the motivation of the whole team.

How? ‘Or’ What ?

The coaching will be done by our certified coach which will integrate the expectations of the candidate and the team, and will develop their motivation “engine”.

This coaching begins before the candidate arrives. Consult our page dedicated to individual or collective coaching .

What do you have left to do?

The manager and the team must be transparent and deliver to the coach the possible obstacles to a serene and motivating atmosphere. The team should follow the coach’s advice.


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