Boost’RH Groupe responds to a sensitive recruitment need for the company

The client’s problem:

An industrial company comprising more than 12 employees following resignations, needed to recruit 4 very specialized technicians to meet its order book. Despite the introduction of increased overtime, the employees in post did not accept this permanent additional workload, and took advantage of this summer to negotiate benefits.

The service provided:

We met the company manager and the workshop manager to understand our client’s job, his corporate culture, the workshop manager’s management style, and the skills and behaviors required. We tried to understand why our client had not been able to hire for 6 months. We then launched the research with our network and presented candidates who exactly matched the client’s expectations.

The benefit for the customer:

He was relieved to know that we were looking for him and that we were able to find him the candidates he had been waiting for for 6 months. In addition, we have supported him in the integration of new employees to create a working atmosphere favorable to the development of all employees.