Boost’RH Groupe responds to a need for skills management

The client’s problem:

Our client is an innovative industrial company, which needs to identify the skills it has internally in order to succeed in its development. It then wishes to compare them to its future needs, and to compensate for the shortcomings, by implementing training actions or recruiting new skills.

The service provided:

After exchanging with the business manager on his development strategy, we suggested that he carry out an inventory of the company’s current skills (interviews, job definitions and skills mapping). From the validated skills mapping, we, with the business manager, identified the future skills to be possessed in order to be able to roll out the business strategy. Finally, we organized the training sessions and launched the recruitments to be planned. At the same time, we have also secured rare and unique talents, by training a “back up”.

The benefit for the customer:

The client was thus able to develop the skills of his employees according to the evolution of the company. Our intervention reassured him and enabled him to plan the implementation of his strategic plan according to the recruitment and training deadlines. He was also able to communicate on the company’s investment towards its employees, and the good forward planning of skills, including changes in internal responsibilities.