The HR consultancy financing system for VSEs and SMEs

Until the end of the year, the Ministry of Labor has put in place a new system allowing the total or partial support of the provision of human resources advice for TME-SMEs. The purpose of this device is to help businesses in the context of the health crisis.


Who is this device for?


This human resources consultancy system is aimed at all companies with less than 250 employees who do not belong to a group of more than 250 employees. SMEs with less than 50 employees and VSEs with less than 10 employees without a human resources department will be given priority.


You can define your need and prepare your financing file with Boost’RH Group before sending it to your OPCO.


The duration of the service varies according to the needs of the company. This can extend over a short period (between 1 and 10 days of intervention) or long (from 10 to 20 days) over a period of 12 months. The total maximum number of days of intervention is 30 days.


After proposal from the consultant, the number of days of intervention will be validated by the DIRECCTE .

The financing request must be sent and accepted by DIRECCTE before December 31, 2020 and the provision of services completed before December 31, 2021.


Support by the State.


According to the provisions adopted by the European Commission to support businesses on April 20, 2020, the rate of public aid is between 50% and 100% of the total eligible cost of the service undertaken before December 31, 2020, for actions carried out before by December 31, 2021 at the latest.


The amount of State support amounts to a maximum of € 15,000 excluding tax per company.


Good to know, your OPCO may eventually supplement this amount.


The different services offered:


  • Carrying out an HR diagnosis and adapting your company’s human resources management to new business conditions
  • Improvement of your HR strategy and social dialogue in your company
  • Reorganization of your business
  • Help and support with new tools for the recruitment process
  • Integration of employees by promoting professional equality and diversity
  • Development of a skills development plan for your employees
  • Professionalization and support of the HR function within your company.


These services must be provided by approved external service providers such as Boost’RH Group .


The HR consulting service offers you comprehensive and personalized support


Are you a company and need practical or operational advice to better manage your human resources?

Do you meet the conditions for access to this system and wish to benefit from this state aid?

The time-sharing HRDs of Boost’RH Groupe offer you their services to support you in all of your Human Resources needs and support you in resuming your activity.

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