Talent war: what consequences for companies?

In certain sectors or for certain skilled jobs, employers find it difficult to recruit. There are many reasons for this: lack of resources in certain regions, skills that are scarce or in high demand… One thing is certain: the “war for talent” has intensified in recent years.

HR recruitment: talents in high demand by companies

The difficulty in recruiting is cruelly felt in certain sectors of activity, in particular as regards qualified or responsible positions. The reason: the scarcity of certain skills (in the digital sector and new technologies, for example) or the lack of available labor in certain geographical areas. In addition, the large number of retirements leads to a relative skills deficit in the labor market.

The increase in the number of engineering school students in recent years has not been sufficient to meet the growing needs of businesses. We also see that young engineers and salespeople are increasingly being driven out before they even graduate.

Certain companies must therefore sometimes revise their economic ambitions downwards because they are struggling to recruit. Others are even forced to abandon certain projects due to a lack of manpower or available resources, in order to meet significant recruitment .

New recruitment strategies

In some sectors, traditional corporate recruiting strategies are no longer sufficient. To meet these new recruitment challenges, they must now put in place an effective marketing strategy and ask themselves the following questions:

  • Where can I find qualified candidates who meet my needs?
  • Is there a sufficient pool of new talent available in the market?
  • What can attract or repel them?
  • How can the company stand out from its competitors?

The role of the Directorates of human ressources is today a major strategic issue for companies. In certain situations, they should not hesitate to call on a external recruitment firm .

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