Recruitment: the contribution of artificial intelligence

While it seems unlikely that HRDs will one day be replaced by robots, artificial intelligence is gaining ground in the recruitment process. A growing number of recruiters are now using chatbots, automated CV analysis or predictive recruiting. Update on advances in artificial intelligence (AI) in human resources.

Deep learning to identify the best candidates / CV analysis

Algorithms help identify the most relevant profiles on the web. They thus assist the HRD for the sourcing, task to which they devote a significant amount of time. Riminder , a solution based on a deep learning algorithm, thus presents itself as a “Netflix Internet Recruitment”. After registering a preselection of profiles and CVs, job descriptions, the algorithm calculates the offer / candidate compatibility rate from millions of profiles spotted on the web, and facilitates your recruitment .

The preselection

The chatbots can also be useful for recruitment . These dialogue programs with Internet users, present on the career pages of companies, use natural language processing (NLP) or simple algorithms. Chatbots can thus collect information on candidates, in order to direct them to the most relevant offers. The bot developed by EASYRECRUE (following the acquisition of Playbots) invites candidates to carry out a deferred video interview if they meet certain criteria.

Automatic CV analysis

Algorithms can also save valuable time for recruiters who receive a large number of applications, thanks to theautomatic CV analysis. This is what the Jobijoba site offers for example with CVCatcher , an artificial intelligence that sorts the most relevant CVs from the analysis of words (city, qualities, skills or job title).

Predictive recruitment

Other AI-based solutions focus on the notion of affinity between an offer and a CV. This is the case with the Kudoz recruitment application, recently acquired by Leboncoin. Like dating sites, this solution of “ predictive recruitment “Identifies the best candidates thanks to” matching »(Notably through personality tests). Its algorithms then predict whether these profiles can easily be integrated into a company.

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