Olympic Games 2024: how to organize work in companies?


The opening ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games (JOP in the rest of the article), whose events will mainly be concentrated in and around the capital, takes place in a month’s time. Many companies will be affected by this event, which runs from July 26 to August 11 for the Olympic Games, and from August 28 to September 8 for the Paralympic Games. So, with a month to go before the event, if your company is affected (geographical area, sector of activity…) and you haven’t yet taken steps to organize work during this exceptional period: don’t panic! Our article gives you all the advice you need to adapt your organization, ensure business continuity and avoid losing productivity during this period.

Which companies are concerned?

Areas affected: Paris and other Olympic Games sites

Paris and the surrounding cities will host most of the Games’ events, and the crowds will be huge, with some 10 million visitors expected. Companies whose workplaces are located close to the event sites will therefore be particularly affected, making it difficult for employees to get to their workplaces, both for safety reasons and because of the crowds.

Indeed, access to certain areas is restricted for security reasons, with different levels depending on the perimeter (grey or red), and a pass will be required to enter (see Ministry of the Interior map below). The Préfecture de Police has posted the list of exemptions and persons authorized to circulate within safety perimeters. This allows you to check whether you are eligible for an exemption for your employees, and to anticipate requests, as the pass is not issued automatically and immediately.

What’s more, several metro stations will be closed, making travel more difficult, not to mention the crowds in the transport system before and after the events.

To help you anticipate the travel and other difficulties your employees may encounter, the Ministry of Transport has posted an online
interactive map of the impact on travel in the Ile-de-France region
with safety perimeters and traffic forecasts.

security perimeter opening ceremony Olympic Games Paris 2024


Which companies are concerned?

The companies affected by the Olympic Games are of two types:

  • companies whose workplaces are located within the security perimeters or in the vicinity of Olympic venues.
  • companies that will experience peaks in activity due to the Olympic Games: catering, transport, security, audiovisual, etc.

Later in this article, we’ll look at how you can adapt your organization to suit your situation.

What is the impact on companies located outside the main Olympic zones?


While the impact will be less for companies located outside the main areas of the Olympic Games, it is not zero either. In fact, due to the large number of people using public transport, some employees may still find it difficult to get to their place of work, especially if they have to travel through areas affected by the Olympic Games.

Nor should we overlook the psychological impact on employees. Indeed, the uncertainty associated with travel and safety can also generate stress for your employees. Preventive measures therefore need to be anticipated.

Analysis of your company’s specific needs

Assessment of activities and teams affected

While these events will be a source of opportunities for some companies, they will also have an impact on their organization. In fact, it’s important to be flexible and adaptable when planning activities. As an employer, you’ll need to be ready to review the organization of work during this period to guarantee continuity of activity or respond to peaks in activity generated by the Olympic Games.

On this subject, the Ministry of Labor has detailed the
the various working arrangements available during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
. Telecommuting, vacations, exceptions to weekly rest periods – these are all covered by the French Labor Code and can be implemented within your company, depending on your situation.

Identification of critical periods and priority tasks

Depending on your company’s situation, you may need to adjust working hours and locations, or review priorities and deadlines for ongoing projects.

To help you implement the measures provided for in the Labour Code and identify critical periods and priority tasks, you can call on the services of the following specialists
time-sharing HR managers
. They master the intricacies of the French Labor Code, and their experience and expertise enable them to quickly implement the necessary adjustments.

Work organization strategies

Flexible working hours

During this period, a change in working hours is possible. Employers can, for example, offer their employees staggered working hours to avoid peak traffic times. For example, you can suggest an earlier start time or a later end time. For these situations, consultation with the CSE or union representatives must be organized.

In addition, working can also be modified during this period.. This is framed by the “JO 2024” law, in the municipalities where the competition sites are located as well as in the municipalities bordering or located near these sites. For example, certain companies will be able to temporarily waive Sunday rest in order to maintain activities essential to the smooth running of the Olympic Games. The planned provisions and activities concerned are specified in the
decree of November 23, 2023

Of course, nothing can be imposed on the employee: he or she must be willing to work on Sunday and benefit from compensation (double pay at least and time off in lieu).

The same applies to weekly and daily rest periods and maximum working hours.

Paris metro crowds

Teleworking and digital solutions

During this period, for companies that are able to do so, telecommuting is strongly encouraged. Since Covid, many companies have put in place a collective agreement or charter on teleworking, and are fully prepared for it. In the absence of these provisions, the employer may still use them to adapt to the circumstances. To this end, the Ministry of Transport has produced a
article aimed at employers and employees to encourage telecommuting
when possible, by reminding them of the conditions (rights and duties of the employer in the case of telecommuting).

In this way, telecommuting can reduce rush-hour traffic by 18-20%.

What’s more, the Île-de-France labor market is particularly compatible with telecommuting: over 60% of employees work in the commercial service sector (Sources: Ministry of Transport – INSEE).

Shift rotation and attendance management

The Ministry of Labour also recommends the use of use of paid leave and/or rest days (JRTT) during this period, or even to close the company. It is not uncommon for companies to carry out annual shutdowns in August; this year, they could do so by coincide with the Games period.


While the employer may require employees to take leave, this must be done in consultation with representative bodies such as the CSE. In companies where JRTTs are applied, employers can also impose the taking of rest days as part of the employer’s quota.

Effective internal communication

During this period, it is imperative to strengthen internal communication, for several reasons:

  • ensure coordination between employees and teams, particularly in the event of widespread telecommuting or larger-than-usual operations;
  • inform employees of potential changes or adjustments;
  • ensure smooth project continuity;
  • find out how employees feel about the situation.

This may involve organizing more regular meetings, setting up dedicated communication channels, or appointing one or more contact persons to ensure that key information is passed on.

The use of online collaborative tools makes it easier to work remotely, and to manage shift work if necessary. Tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams or Zoom enable teams to stay connected and collaborate in real time even when remote.

telecommuting meetings

Facilities and logistics solutions

Optimizing commuting

Not all companies will be able to adapt their employees’ working hours or make massive use of teleworking. However, there are other solutions available to make life easier for employees during this period.

Companies can encourage mutual help between colleagues by promoting carpooling for example. They can also offer alternative modes of transport with a to buy or hire an electric bike during this period. during the period.

Maintaining employee productivity and well-being

The Olympic Games are a stressful time for many employees. Indeed, the situation is unprecedented, there are many unknowns and a lot of rumors circulating that feed this stress (need for a QR code to cross a certain area, apprehension about transport and/or crowds, more complicated family organization…).

For these reasons, it is imperative for the employer to look after the mental health and well-being of employees during this period, to maintain a work environment conducive to their fulfillment and ensure their commitment and productivity despite potential difficulties.

It is possible, for example, to set up meditation sessions to allow them to recharge their batteries during the day, or to have a dedicated listening unit, run by the HR department or with a dedicated outside speaker during the Olympic Games period, such as an
outsourced HR

Finally, why not relocate your offices for a few days during this period and offer your staff a green seminar? It’s an opportunity to give them a breath of fresh air, and bring out new ideas to drive projects forward, while strengthening team bonds.

in-company meditation session


If you haven’t yet thought about the organization of work within your company for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games period, there’s still time to take matters into your own hands!

To ensure business continuity, Boost’RH offers a team of HR managers and time-share HR professionals who can intervene quickly to help you implement solutions that comply with the French Labor Code, such as the reorganization of working hours, rest days, telecommuting, etc. Thanks to their experience, they will quickly identify the essential measures to be taken to ensure that the Paris Olympics remain an opportunity for all.


Need an outsourced HRD to organize work during the 2024 Olympics?

To sum up

En 3 Questions

  • What flexibility is available to employers during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games?

    The French Ministry of Labour has published a practical guide detailing the possible arrangements for organizing work during the Olympic Games:

    • adjusting working hours to take account of peak transport times;
    • use of paid vacations, days off or annual closures;
    • telecommuting;
    • adaptation of working hours for companies whose activities are essential to the smooth running of the Olympic Games.
  • What are the potential impacts of the Olympics on the workplace?

    The potential negative impacts of the Olympic Games can be numerous for companies if they are not anticipated with measures to review the organization of work. We can therefore fear :

    • lower productivity and project delays;
    • discontinuity of activities;
    • an increase in employee stress and discomfort.
  • What are the solutions for maintaining business activity during the 2024 Olympic Games?

    Employers have a number of solutions to ensure that business and happy employees are maintained during this period:

    • use the measures proposed by the Ministry of Labor to reorganize working hours;
    • ensure good internal communication;
    • offer effective collaborative tools;
    • get organized with the help of a
      HR manager or timeshare
    • propose alternative logistics solutions.