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HRD in Timeshare

This HRD in Timeshare will manage, as a generalist of the function, the daily HR issues of the Company Manager and thus allow him to devote himself more to the development of his company (to find out more about your HRD in Timeshare) .

The HR Expert

Our HR experts accompany our HRD in Timeshare on very specific subjects (legal, sourcing and recruitment, coaching, psychosocial risks, outplacement, etc.) and also provide support to Human Resources Departments that do not have this expertise within their teams (to find out more about your HR expert).

HR Recruitment

Recruitment boost is the HR recruitment firm of Boost’RH Groupe, providing a sourcing and of recruitment , mainly on the HR function (to find out more about your recruitment).

HR transition management

Recruitment boost also offers a service of HR transition management , and thus provides a resource additional and temporary in technical, behavioral and managerial skills as well as a HR experience , within Human Resources Departments (to find out more about your HR transition manager) .

HR and Management training

Boost’talents is the training organization by Boost’RH Groupe. It is eligible for OPCAs and labeled Datadock and DIRECCTE. Boost’talents specializes in training in Human Resources and management (to find out more about your HR and Management training .

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