An Expert HR Consultant to assist you on a daily basis in Flers (61100)

The principle of the time-shared HR Expert Consultant

As part of the expansion of your establishment, you have new HR needs, and you would like to be supported by an Expert HR Consultant

You want him to be able to manage your HR issues at your side

Guiding your progress has been Boost’RH Groupe’s main vocation for more than 10 years.

Your consultant will only intervene within your company a few days a month, according to your needs

If you needed someone for the evaluation of the QVT approach or the management of health and safety at work, they will be fully able to take charge of missions of this type.

He will also take care of the day-to-day management of employees, whatever the structure of your company.

He is also at your side to supervise more specialized and rare missions, alongside an HR specialist.

As a result, for all needs whatever they may be, Boost’RH Flers (61100) will provide you with the semi-face-to-face HR consultant with the assets corresponding to the needs of your business, nearby for more convenience.

Our clients are particularly satisfied, and we manage to retain them, to the great pride of our human resources consultants.

You will easily find a practice nearby because we have established ourselves all over France.

Consider benefiting from a first contact with our service in order to have the opportunities that we can provide you, in your preferred region

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Which HR Expert Consultant will be assigned to me?

Notre mission est d’avoir la possibilité de vous accompagner, but not as a substitute for you

Each of the strategies we propose will be implemented only after your validation

Nous vous interrogerons pour comprendre la façon dont vous souhaitez faire évoluer votre entreprise

Nous vous présenterons un consultant en gestion de personnel selon vos réponses

Sérieux et proche au niveau géographique, il répondra à l’ensemble de vos indications

Exerçant la gestion RH dans sa globalité, il peut parfois tenir le métier de RH-DRH-RRH en temps partagé, de Gestionnaire de paie et de l’administration du personnel, d’assistant-e RH

Il travaillera en binôme avec un autre consultant à temps partiel en back-up afin de prévoir d’éventuelles indisponibilités et prendre en charge l’entièreté de la prestation, de manière continue

Des experts RH plus spécifiques sont toujours là pour se charger des tâches particulières : juridique, RPS ou outplacement…

More information can be found here :
Learn more about our HRD HRM service on a timeshare basis
Learn more about our HR Transition Management services

Missions Managed by an Expert HR Consultant

Here are the missions that will be managed by your HR expert:

  • Set up your annual or professional interviews
  • Perform a diagnosis of your HR needs
  • Understand employee expectations and propose actions
  • Prepare recruitments and qualify candidates
  • Propose a compensation policy with optimization of social charges
  • Integrate Quality of Life at work

If you have any questions or need additional information, we are available to answer you.

Our key numbers for An Expert HR Consultant to assist you on a daily basis in Flers (61100)

Timeshare HR Experts
HR Transition Managers
Employees managed
Clients (Start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses and large groups)

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Customer testimonials at An Expert HR Consultant to assist you on a daily basis in Flers (61100)


Boost'RH understood our issues and needs, and provided us with Elodie, an experienced external HR manager, who delivered top-quality work while constantly listening to our needs as they evolved over the course of her assignment. Highly professional in both legal and human terms. We recommend Boost'RH for your specific HR assignments.

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Clémence CABAL Clémence CABAL Legal and Training Manager Scouts Unitaires de France

Boost'RH's support for our CSE elections was a perfect fit. Everything is personalized and turnkey. Véronique was invaluable, always ready to listen and answer all my questions without delay. The great plus: a little email or phone call to remind me of deadlines, check up on me etc... Many thanks!

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Luis MONTEIRO Luis MONTEIRO HSE Coordinator I-CARE France

To set up our CSE for our 60 French employees, we called on Boost'RH Groupe, who were responsive, available and professional from the outset. The support provided by Véronique R. was invaluable in setting up and running this election. Demonstrating pedagogy on all applicable rules and in the completion of each step of the process. We recommend the services of Boost'RH Groupe.

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Philippe LEMAIRE Philippe LEMAIRE Head of School RAVAGO in Drusenheim (67)

Since December1, 2018, our business has been sold to a European plastics group. With no HR resources on site, we turned to Boost'RH for support. Boost'RH was very responsive in offering us support within a very short timeframe, and our collaboration with Boost'RH is much appreciated by all our staff. Boost'RH shares its in-depth knowledge of SMEs with us, and is an integral part of our management committee. It's a real source of ideas and a great help in guiding us through this period of transformation. The introduction of the CSE and the negotiation of new agreements were a resounding success thanks to this weekly support, which can be flexibly adjusted to suit the moment. Philippe Caquet, head of Boost'RH, is also ready to listen and help us if we need it. I recommend Boost'RH. for his ability to make proposals, his excellent contacts, his flexibility and his energy.

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I used this firm to organize the CSE elections using electronic voting. Very good listening and follow-up. I recommend it.

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Our address at Rouen :

Notre succursale de Flers est rattachée à notre bureau de Rouen
72, rue de Lessard
76100 Rouen

To reach us by phone, we invite you to dial our central number on:

+ 33 (0)1 42 70 97 20

Beyond Flers, our part-time HR managers also serve the entire Orne region, including cities such as Alençon, Argentan, Aubusson, Chaumont, Mortagne-au-Perche, or even Saint-Paul. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!