BSI and BDES: a winning partnership between Boost’RH Groupe and WINCHApps

Why a partnership between Boost’RH Group and WINCHApps ?

For many years Boost’RH Groupe has been carrying out the Individual Social Report ( BSI ). This allows a General Directorate or a Human Resources Department to present to its employees in an individual and personal way, all the financial elements and the advantages that they have perceived.

It is a communication, motivation and loyalty tool recognized for many years, originally used by large groups and now generalized within SMEs.

The tool BSI especially allows to present the employee purchasing power , rather than focusing only on its net payable, the reading of which has been disturbed since the withholding tax.

In these complex times where digitization has its place, and anxious to deliver to its customers an educational document, clear, transparent and easily modifiable, Boost’RH Groupe to opt in 2020 for a BSI digitized .

It is for this reason that Boost’RH Group , main leader in HR outsourcing , has partnered with a brand partner WINCHApps HR Marketing and Social Communication expert , specialist in digitalized BSI. This allows Boost’RH Groupe to offer its customers through the digital BSI, an educational and fun interface in Saas mode, available and modifiable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It also allows WINCHApps to provide its clients with a whole range of HR service offers through Boost’RH Group ( Payroll and personnel administration , Law and Social Relations , Skill developpement , CSE Elections , QVT , Coaching …).

In addition to the interest of this win / win partnership between Boost’RH Groupe and WINCHApps, it is above all the clients of these two HR experts who benefit from more digital support on a Much wider range of HR services .

You too want to motivate and retain your employees with a Individual Social Report . Contact us , we will send you a quote.