Human Resources Recruitment Firm in Montreal (Quebec)

When to call on a recruitment firm specializing in Human Resources?

You are a Manager, or HRD in the Montreal region in the Province of Quebec and you need a position in Human Resources (Group HR Director, Site HR Director, HR Manager, Payroll Manager, Development Manager, Recruitment Manager, Social Affairs Director, Labor Lawyer, Payroll Manager, HR Assistant …).

You want to outsource recruitment, to a recruitment firm specializing in the Human Resources function sure Montreal and the Province of Quebec .

You can call on Boost’RH Groupe specialist in HR Recruitment, which will share your needs and expectations and will quickly identify the candidate you are expecting thanks to its networks (HR communities and associations) in Canada but also in France.

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Our methodology in HR recruitment

We work mainly by direct approach, from a multi-source research conducted on social networks, with our HR community in Eastern Canada but also internationally with French profiles wishing to live in Canada.

Before any research, we need to define together, from a job description, precise for us, the profile you are looking for, the challenges and your expectations in soft skills.

On the other hand, we are HRD who recruit , also we endeavor to verify 3 steps:

The first is the match between the skills sought and those of the candidate,
The second is to understand the state of mind of the candidate that you expect, in order to select the candidates who perfectly match your needs. This step is decisive to meet your requirements,
Finally, as HRD, we are concerned that the integration or on-boarding goes perfectly. That the employee is fulfilled in his position and his new work environment. We are therefore closely monitoring this integration with the newcomer and discussing with you.

To meet these three requirements, we need to have a good understanding of the position, the company, your management style, your expectations, your requirements, the corporate culture, etc.

We also request responsiveness and availability from you to maintain momentum in the pace of recruitment that we impose on candidates. Finally, perfect transparency between us is imperative.

What we bring you in Recruitment

Une spécialisation sur les profils en Ressources Humaines

Spécialistes des fonctions Ressources Humaines, et DRH, nous connaissons parfaitement les fonctions RH, leurs interconnections entre elles, les profils à rechercher, les tenants et aboutissants de chaque fonction et les exigences des Dirigeants, salariés et partenaires sociaux.

L’intégration au sein d’une communauté RH

Issus de la fonction RH, nous appartenons à la communauté RH à qui nous répondons sur leurs besoins de changement de poste, d’évolution de carrière, de professionnalisation, d’évolution du métier RH. Nous avons donc accès, naturellement, à de nombreux profils en Ressources Humaines au Canada ou en France disponibles ou en voie de l’être.

Nos partenariats avec des institutions RH

Nous avons naturellement tissé des partenariats avec des incontournables de la fonction RH, que ce soit l’Association canadienne des relations industrielles, l’Association francophone de Gestion des Ressources Humaines (AGRH), le Conseil Canadien des associations de Ressources Humaines ou en France avec l’ANDRH, les Groupe locaux, des cabinets de repositionnement professionnel…

Nos plus

Intégrés à nos recrutements mais de façon optionnelle, nous vous proposons un ensemble de prestations complémentaires :

des tests de personnalité
des graphologies
des contrôles de référence
du coaching d’intégration
un accompagnement sur votre marque employeur et la Qualité de Vie au Travail.

Mais échangeons en direct, cela est plus humain.

Our key numbers for Human Resources Recruitment Firm in Montreal (Quebec)

Timeshare HR Experts
HR Transition Managers
Employees managed
Clients (Start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses and large groups)

Contactez votre Spécialiste en Recrutement RH en France et au Québec

Customer testimonials at Human Resources Recruitment Firm in Montreal (Quebec)

Philippe KTORZA Philippe KTORZA Headmaster B&K Experts

Very serious and responsive company, great know-how, I recommend 100%.

Didier CLARET Didier CLARET President CLARET Canada

I appreciated the quick and complete understanding of our issues. We were fully satisfied with the synthesis and the solutions provided.

Pascal LE MEUR Pascal LE MEUR General secretary S2FIT1 (Subsidiary SNCF) in Paris (75)

S2FIT1, real estate company of the SNCF Group. BOOST’RH understood our specifications, which enabled us to entrust them with the mission. The scope was clear, the interviews well targeted and the deliverables up to expectations. Competence at the rendezvous.

Guillaume BERTO Guillaume BERTO Assistant to the regional delegate Intergros - AKTO

Boost'RH has been a partner for several years and has demonstrated its expertise to B-to-B companies, both in terms of knowledge of the business and its ability to respond to the diverse issues related to the implementation and practice of GPEC in SMEs.


Our address at Montreal :

1000 de La Gauchetière Street West
H3B 4W5 Montreal

To reach us by phone, we invite you to dial our central number on:

+ 33 (0)1 42 70 97 20 Contact us


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