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Motivate your employees with an Individual Social Report

What does BSI do for you?

BSI et smartphoneThe notion of purchasing power

Reinforced since the withholding tax, the notion of net payable no longer makes sense. Today it is essential to reason in purchasing power rather than in gross contractual remuneration or net of the payslip.

To help you communicate to your employees about the purchasing power you provide them in exchange for their performance, the BSI is the essential tool .

In order to make it a modern communication tool , fun, user-friendly and easy to read, we have developed with the help of our partners a digitized BSI version .

The digitized BSI is the solution to communicate and promote your compensation policies and your social benefits with employees!



But, what is the strength of digitized BSI?

The digitized BSI is an annual summary of the purchasing power of the employee.

It centralizes all the elements that your employees perceive or benefit individually or collectively.

Thus, unlike the payslip, the BSI values ​​ all the remuneration systems often ignored by your employees: social packages, training, deferred remuneration … all your HR investments and humans will finally be brought to light!

Modern, and with easy web access in Saas mode , your employee has, in a few clicks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , their personalized space , clear, educational, and transparent.

The digitized BSI presents your employee with his overall purchasing power and his evolution within the company.

From an information tool which is the pay slip, the digitized BSI is a remarkable communication, motivation and loyalty tool, facilitating communication HRDs but also managers.

What is the content of the BSI?

BSI digitalisé et PC
The themes of digitized BSI for your employee:

  • His general situation as a collaborator
  • Summary of his total compensation
  • His individual compensation (fixed, contractual variable, vacation bonuses, 13th month, exceptional bonuses …)
  • His collective compensation and employee savings (incentive and profit sharing, savings plans such as PEE, PERCO, stock options, etc.)
  • His retirement (social security, complementary and supplementary)
  • Its social protection (mutual, provident, death insurance …)
  • Its social benefits (catering, transport, holiday vouchers, etc.)
  • His training (training courses attended, Personal Training Account, etc.)
  • His working time (contractual, holidays, RTT, special leaves, CET …)
  • His contacts at the HRD depending on the subjects to be dealt with

Benefits for Managers and HR

Coaching individuel

Accessible and intuitive, the digitized BSI allows your managers to easily access information about their employees.

This represents for them a source of information at their disposal , a saving of time and for your service pays a lightening of its tasks .

Thanks to dematerialization, they have access to the digitized BSI of their employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by simple clicks on PC, tablet and smartphone.

They get to know their employees better , can apply personalized and closer management, and gain legitimacy .

At the end of the year during salary increases and individual interviews , your managers will be much more comfortable and involved in fairly rewarding their employees and recognizing the performance of the team. ‘year.

Finally, the digitized BSI with its historical function, allows the new manager, during internal mobility , to understand the evolution of his employee.

Benefits for Employees

BSI et collaborateursThanks to its didactic and fun interface , it allows your employees to understand and become aware in the blink of an eye of …

– Their individual compensation package with their fixed and their variables and collective

– Their social protection and their provident contract

– Their retirement upon their departure

– The social benefits they enjoy

– Their working time, holidays, absences and the training courses taken

– Know their contact at the HRD

Our turnkey BSI offer

Collaborateur et BSIThe ease of carrying out your digitalized BSI by:

  • The personalization of your digital BSI to the charter and colors of your company.
  • The use in our turnkey offer, of our templates allowing you to save time and minimize the cost of developing your digital BSI.

Securing your data:

  • Developed in Saas mode , the digitized BSI guarantees availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Encrypted exchanges (HTTPS, SSL) and systematic encryption (AES)
  • Hosting of backup servers in France
  • Access secured by an individual login and password
  • Possibility of setting up an SSO link
  • Testing our technical bases via Pentests
  • Audit possible by you
  • RGPD compliant

Your advantages:

  • Provision of the portal 24/7 for your employees and managers
  • Technical maintenance (bug and anomaly fixes)
  • The storage of your digitized BSI historized from year to year
  • The administrator interface (Monitoring, data loading and configuration)
  • training for your administrator (as well as an administration manual)
  • Real-time monitoring of the user and consultation of the digitized BSI


Data clarity and information transparency
Data clarity and information transparency
Confidentiality of your sensitive data
Confidentiality of your sensitive data
24/7 accessibility via mobile, tablet, PC ...
24/7 accessibility via mobile, tablet, PC ...
An ISB in your image to enhance the employer brand
An ISB in your image to enhance the employer brand

Some examples of the use of BSI

You will find below some arguments which militate in favor of the digitized BSI

They come from feedback from our customers who are very satisfied with them.

Why an BSI?

Increasingly known, the Individual Social Report is a management tool that strongly enhances the remuneration and social protection policies of your employees.

Originally used by the HRDs of large groups, this tool has spread to SMEs, to retain or attract new talent but also to promote a good social climate and help managers in their responsibilities.

At a time when the employer brand is decisive in attracting, hiring and retaining future employees, the BSI is a formidable communication tool if it is clear, user-friendly and transparent. It is useful both to the Human Resources Department and to local managers.

What is its vocation: Presenting and informing each employee of their purchasing power (salaries and peripherals, social benefits, employee savings, social protection, working time, training …

It is an educational tool that builds employee loyalty when, after 3 or 4 years, they wish to move abroad. After comparing the benefits they enjoy, they remain motivated to continue with your business.

The BSI also pushes the Human Resources Departments to innovate more in purchasing power policy and to bring valuable and not insignificant benefits to employees.

The main challenge for companies is to explain their social initiatives in a concrete, educational and transparent way and to make employees aware of what they really earn.


BSI digitized with Boost'RH Groupe

How is BSI a real advantage in a digital version?

Today we are in the digital age, screens, tablets or smartphones. Many applications are part of our daily life, it would be difficult to do without them.

In addition to this fashion effect or change of information model, the easily updated digitized BSI is much more user-friendly, educational and clear with diagrams, colors… it belongs to its time.

Employees now work a lot on digital tools, so they can consult their data anywhere: PC, smartphone, tablet… It is digitization that has contributed to the success of BSI, particularly in SMEs.

HR audit and HR consultant in timeshare

The 4 arguments that prove digital is right

A digital ISB is more flexible, first for employees, but also for the managers who operate it or the HR teams who feed it.

  • The digitized BSI is easily accessible online for the employee and the manager,
  • Web reading is more pleasant because it is less rigid than a paper version, and in one click, each employee has access to their personal information.
  • Agile and responsive. The HR team can adjust and add information in real time throughout the year.
  • Communicate in a targeted manner communication and support actions to employees.


BSI digitized and HR in timeshare

Customer testimonials


Questions answers

What are the benefits for HR, managers and employees?

Benefits for the HR team

The flexibility and ease of transferring information from different tools (payroll, HRIS, etc.), modifications and updates in real time, targeting of information delivered to certain selected categories, and from time to time, in real time , modify data at the request of an employee.

Benefits for Managers

In one click, managers immediately have summary information about their employees’ packages, which makes it a real tool for local management and dialogue within teams.

Benefits for Employees

Employees have a graphic presentation of their purchasing power package, and a history allowing them to have a global vision of their career development. The space is accessible online at any time and web reading is much more pleasant and clearer than a paper format …

What are the main themes to follow?

The individual social report is a quantified summary of all the salary and social measures which results in the monitoring of the following indicators:

  • Direct compensation: fixed and variable,
  • Collective compensation and employee savings: incentive and profit-sharing, contribution, savings plans such as PEE, PER, blocked current account, but also Long Term Incentives, stock options, free share allocation plans, etc …
  • Social protection: mutual insurance, provident insurance, retirement,
  • Working time: holidays, RTT, special leaves, CET …
  • Training: training courses attended, personal training account, etc.
  • The other advantages: catering, transport …
  • Initiatives around well-being at work, crèche services, concierge services, quality of life at work (QVT) actions.

Is BSI suitable for all businesses?

The Individual Social Report was first a product used in large groups. Since the difficulties in recruiting and retaining talent which are also encountered by SMEs, they have also found an interest in using digital BSI.

In addition, the BSI is suitable for all sectors of activity, and all our customers can offer it to their employees.

Can you accompany us throughout the territory?

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