Digitization: an opportunity for human resources

Developments in technology are forcing HR to fundamentally rethink work organization and give meaning to employee missions.

Guarantee cohesion between generations

With digitization, companies are facing new challenges. Digital tools impact recruitment methods and channels. They also encourage companies to better support their employees. At a time when changes in professions are accelerating, human ressources must guarantee that all its employees can follow the evolutions of the professions and acquire mastery of the new tools, in order to ensure cohesion between the generations.

Technologies are also disrupting traditional ways of thinking about internal communication. Indeed, employees are constantly gaining in autonomy and for example create their own exchange networks (WhatsApp groups or others). The HR must take this into account and ensure that its messages are standardized across the various channels.

Give back meaning to work

Thanks to the new tools, work becomes a place of creativity, in which employees have an increased role of autonomy. Workspaces must therefore be redesigned according to new ways of working. But these changes also represent a unique opportunity for HR to rethink the organization of work and of give back meaning the missions of the employees. They cannot leave the sole responsibility for designing the organization of work to software publishers.

HR needs to properly analyze consequences of digitization on businesses and skills. By rethinking the relationships between employees, they will be able to set up an effective support strategy for the individual during the evolution of his profession, his tools and his workspace.

This strategy is also accompanied by the need to define ethical rules: machines and digital systems must be considered above all as tools and not as an end.

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